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I never expected to talk about QuickBooks Online Offline. However, a recent QuickBooks Online Offline event left QuickBooks Online users Offline for many hours.

I also never met any experienced QuickBooks user who had any use for QuickBooks Online, once they really tested QuickBooks Online OIffline vs QuickBooks desktop. My dislike for QuickBooks Online Offline is unrelated to any fear or dislike of online accounting, as have done very heavy online accounting user for 37 YEARS!.I also have been heavily using QuickBooks desktop ONLINE, under teminal server or Citrix, for 5 years. However, the terrible speed and limits of QuickBooks Online Offline made me truly detest it. QuickBooks Online Offline clients probably did not realize it, but their tax returns always came last, because I would rather do almost anything than use QuickBooks Online Offline for a few minutes.

I also recently found that Google has six times as many websites with QuickBooks Online Errors PER USER vs regular QuickBooks errors PER USER. The QuickBooks Online Offline error rate must really be ridiculously worse than this, because a Google search of QuickBooks errors (without quotes) should include every web page with QuickBooks errors (also without quotes).

On top of this, we recently saw even more QuickBooks Online Offline incomepetence, when QuickBooks Online Offline went completely Offline for many hours. I never heard anything like this QuickBooks Online Offline event happen to ONE of the thosand plus fast and economical QuickBooks desktop online hosting compaies.

Perhaps the incompetence and penny-pinching surrounding QuickBooks Online Offline, and the terrible QuickBooks Online Offline usability and quality, relate to why Intuit is now trying to kill or takeover all the QuickBooks desktop online hosting companies (see New QuickBooks Hosting Mistakes). Intuit is trying to do this though top Intuit executives consistently encouraged the expansion of these companies for 5 years. These same two-faced top Intuit executives now want to stop about 1.5 million QuickBooks users from online hosting QuickBooks 2007 or earlier. If they can do that, they can legally and actually make all these copies of QuickBooks stop working entirely, without notice. They recently proved this by stopping QuickBooks 2007 from hosting, emailing invoices, downloading checks for bank reconciliations, and running payroll, without notice, earlier than they ever did before. Does that make you want to trust the security of your tax and accounting data to these two-faced Intuit executives, especially when Intuit agreements says Intuit is not liable if it fails to keep your data secure?

Should you trust these two-faced Intuit executives when they acknowledge QuickBooks Online Offline is a weak product, but never fix it? Should you trust these two-faced Intuit executives when they say you can do your bookkeeping without an accountant, when their Intuit agreements say they are not engaged in rendering accounting advice, and denies liability if QuickBooks destroys your business data, or does not work at all? Should you trust-these two-faced intuit executives when they say you can do your tax return without a tax professional, much less that you can get the lowest possible legal tax, when their Intuit agreements say they are not engaged in providing tax advice and denies liability even if you do not come close to getting the low tax you deserve?

Would all this make you think that these Intuit executives could claim they live by, “Integrity Wthout Compromise”? What if I show you that these two-faced Intuit executives suddenly drastically cut back their Integrity Without Compromise and related claims? Integrity was and is the supposed #1 Intuit Operating Value, but I will soon show that they sharply cut it and many of their other Operating Values. What if this cut back came suddenly,  without notice, the same way Intuit can revise your QuickBooks licence Agreement at any time? What if the QuickBooks Online Offline attack, on the quality QuickBooks desktop hosting business that THESE SAME EXECUTIVES very actively helped create, has Intuit now relying on criminal copywrite violations?

What if these two-faced Intuit executives continue to use this implied criminal threat, to effectively force QuickBooks hosting companies to confess guilt to very large numbers of criminal charges, without proving a Miranda warning or suggesting that they may want to consult legal counsel before responding? What if Intuit specifically reserves the right to make this criminal information public, which will let them give it to cometitors? What if these two-faced Intuit executives specifically reserve the right to compete against these companies? What if they make them disclose information that lets Intuiit raise rates to cover all hosting profit at any time? What if these two-faced Intuit executives are doing this though there are no agreements between Intuit and virtually all these hosting companies? What if these two-faced Intuit executives authorized a three-year monopoly on licensed Intuit hosting, during which they let two or three companies violate every rule Intuit and the software industry has about keeping such tests confidential? What if these two-faced Intuit executives are illegally monopolizing the RENTAL of QuickBooks, at far below market prices, to only these companies? 

What if top Intuit executives pressured leading QuickBooks authorities to not mention some QuickBooks hosting companies, even though Intuit stronly applauded their efforts and their co-sponsorship of Intuit conferences, during which Intuit employees all but universally shared in the fruits of the supposedly ill-gotten gains these companies provided? How can you then categorize the legal status of these two-faced top Intuit executives?

Did these two-faced Intuit executives accidentally dupe and entrap every QuickBooks desktop hosting company exective into massive criminal violations? If so, these same two-faced Intuit executives can retroactively pardon all hosting company executives directly entrapped, and the countless more indirectly entrapped into committing this massive series crimes, in the only way possible. They can do this by showing they still value Integrity Without Compromise by changing the QuickBooks Software License Agreement to legalize QuickBooks hosting legal. In view of the long and active continuing top-executive Intuit commitment to QuickBooks hosting, these same Intuit executives always had an absolute obligation to change the QuickBooks Software License Agreement to legalize the QbsuickBooks hosting tehy so actively encouraged.

There is no “What if” about any of this. If these two-faced Intuit executives continue to refuse follow through with the legalization, to which they effectively committed themselves, there will be only one way to characterize their actions. They will fully deserve the title and punishment we reserve for criminal co-conspirators. They and Intuit stockholders also will deserve the damage done with QuickBooks Boycotts, other Intuit boycotts, endlessly clicking on Intuit web ads, class action lawsuits for breach of implied contract and anti-trust activities, not to mention related goivernment actions.

This may be kept secret from many QuickBooks users, but the SEC and Intuit auditiors will have to report it when we file suit for more than a billion dollars, in a way that guarantees that Intuit will pay our legal expenses. Of course, this will devastate Intuit stock values, resulting in class action stockholder lawsuits. The general media also will report it when we file a Florida Constitutional Amendment that stops any company from selling computer programs in Florida, if these programs lose funtion over time. I succeeded with several such petitions previously, personally successfully arguing one before the Florida Supreme Court.

Only Integrity Without Compromise will let the two-faced Intuit executives proect their jobs and their freedom, while preventing us from really seeing QuickBooks Online Offline.

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