QuickBooks Intuit Easy Saver – Big Savings or Time Wasting Ads?

Filed in Intuit QuickBooks by on October 30, 2013

I have very mixed feelings about the QuickBooks Intuit Easy Saver. It may be a new way for you to get big savings, by pooling the buying power of the many QuickBooks users. It also may be one more way Intuit keeps reminding us of its excessive use of time wasting ads in QuickBooks.

My 2002 QuickBooks Advisory Council strongly asked Intuit to let us opt out of these time wasting ads. Within a few years QuickBooks had the Edit, Preference for this, but Intuit kept going around this. To me, this is one more indication that Intuit integrity (their #1 operating value) is now an oxymoron.

Even if you already turned off ads with Edit (top left menu), Preferences This QuickBooks Intuit Easy Server interrupts your work with time wasting advertising for products, based on your purchase items. Again, with Intuit profits come first, so you get endless time wasting advertising. This is tragic for a company that once really practiced its stated goal of having customers come first.

You can kill some of Intuit’s time wasting advertising by choosing Edit. Near the top left QuickBooks menu. You then choose Preferences and

For more on this see EasySaver – Charlie Russell


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