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Many first learned about me by reading my QuickBooks Errors web page. This original version of this web page is almost as old as QuickBooks. What made it especially good was our Intuit friends. These included the present and former Intuit CEOs, who often answered my emails quickly, even on Sundays. They helped me help (or get help) for many new QuickBooks errors and their users, while rapidly expanding my QuickBooks Errors list.

Despite this QuickBooks Errors background, I recently got shocked by a response to an email. I use a well known Intuit-authorized remote QuickBooks hosting company. I do this when we and our clients often need to exchange QuickBooks files. The host uses Citrix, which is faster, easier and less error prone than Microsoft Terminal Server. They have very good tech support, let us shadow users to help them and back up as often as every 30 minutes. Despite this, we pay only $45 a month, while saving $5 to $9 on renting QuickBooks.

That is why it shocked me to get this response, after I saw they had extra folders for clients that were not mine.

They are auto-created by QuickBooks when it runs certain updates. If you look at the files within those folders, they’re all QB updates. Intuit support has no idea why it creates the names it does sometimes, but you can certainly delete them.

WOW! What else could I do with these mew QuickBooks Errors?


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