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We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors and experts in finding and correcting QuickBooks errors. We are happy going green, especially when OUR WAY of going green with shredders saves time, cuts noise pollution and puts more green in our pockets.

CPAs, attorneys, non-profits and those in medical professions have confidentiality rules that effectively require shreders. Few know that the the 2009 federall Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act also effectively requires this. It covers those with at least one employee (even a parent with a nanny) to dispose of paper with personal information about employees (Social Security numbers, results of background checks. payroll records) by shredding, burning or otherwise annihilatating.

As tax-fighting perfectionists, we know that spotting and correcting QuickBooks errors wastes lots of paper, even with paperless filing. Shredders are one way of going green with extra QuickBooks errors paper. They initially made this king of QuickBooks errors much happier. However, like you, I soon hated all the shredders we got. Regardless of how much we paid, the shredders were painful to use. Shredders jam from shredding too many pages at once and from cardboard, plastic, paperclips, staples, and more. Shredder jams often take a long time to clear. Individual desk shredders are very bad for this, besides never holding enough to avoid frequent emptying.

Shredder output also takes much more space. Our home trash service collects paper separately, but most small business landlords use trash services that do not separate paper. That makes QuickBooks errors and shredders overfill full dumpsters, instead of helping you with going green. Individual desk shredders also are very slow and noisy. These noisy shredders badly break your concentration on QuickBooks errors, each time someone uses them. Only when you stop this noise pollution will you see how much it polluted your office and your mind. Books errors must shred for confidentiality.

You can now shred QuickBooks errors paper OUR WAY, FAR FASTER AND EASIER, while going green, with no noise pollution. Give away your shredders and use a commercial shredding service. The top of our free 2 foot by 3.5 foot cabinet is a good workspace. Its wide slot and an easily opened door make it very fast and easy to dump desk paper trash cans.

The cabinet trash bin holds 90 pounds of paper. Larger cabinets hold 300+ pounds. On a schedule, or as often as you like, trucks bring powerful commercial shredders. The driver quickly wheels the trash bin to a lift. One lever push lifts, dumps and shreds. He returns, to our storefront office, in less than a few minutes. My staff and I not longer waste time shredding. There also is no more noise and no constant loss of concentration. At $35 per pickup, going green with commercial shredders is a terrific bargain. It also makes taking out remaining garbage a pleasure.

OK, enough of going green. Enough of Yellow Page pollution and noise pollution. Now you have time for the next few purely QuickBooks http://www.QuickBooks-Blog.com/ posts. Now you also have time to PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ABOVE AND CLICK AN AD BELOW.

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