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Did you ever hear of Double Entries and Zero Adding, which is the fastest and easiest way to avoid hundreds of QuickBooks Errors?

Do not let it surprise you if you never heard Double Entries and if Zero Adding in connection with QuickBooks Errors (sorry for the SEO repetition). Intuit’s best programmers and QuickBooks Errors people probably do not know about Double Entries and Zero Adding. However, you can become a far better QuickBooks user if you learn about Double Entries and Zero Adding. Double Entries and Zero Adding will help you avoid more QuickBooks Errors than anything else I can say to you.

Here is all you need to know about QuickBooks Errors and Double Entries. Say you have +$2,532.48 in an account. It should be -$1,426.72. How can you always get the right answer for the amount to enter? Even CPAs make occasional QuickBooks Errors with numbers like these, but you can use Double Entries to be right all the time. You do this by simply entering -$2,532.48 AND -$1,426.72. You can and often will do that in one split entry. If you had +$2,532.48 and it should be +$4,026.14, you would use a Double Entry of -$2,532.48 and +$4,026.14. The key is that your first part of the double entry sets the balance to zero.

Here is all you need to know about QuickBooks Errors and Zero Adding. Say you create, or double check, QuickBooks numbers with an adding machine or calculator. It is easy to miss that a total like $146,729.14 is not the same as one like $146,279.14. Zero Adding uses ONE keystroke to guarantee you will never miss this again. All you do is hit the MINUS KEY after you get your first total. You may miss the difference between numbers like $146,729.14 and $146,279.14. However, you will never miss the difference between numbers like $450.00 and the ZERO you get after your second correct total.

Here is a bonus, to find QuickBooks Errors quickly. Do you know how to find QuickBooks Errors like $450.00, $2.70, or $.36? They all involve errors in adjacent columns. You also can divide all of them by nine. That means they are probably transposition errors. You often get such errors when you reverse digits in numbers. You get a $540.00 error by entering $820.42 instead of $280.42. You get a $3.60 error by entering $495.20 for $492.50. For $.36, you might have $1,427.62 as $1,427.26. When you know this you can concentrate on the columns where you have the error to find it quickly.

Your CPA or bookkeeper is almost sure to know about transpositions in QuickBooks errors, but you can shock many QuickBooks professionals by showing them Double Entries and Zero Adding.

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