QuickBooks and the ADA (Americans for Disabilities Act)

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ADA Related Cases

While the Rehabilitation Act compels the Federal Government to offer accessible EIT, it is not applicable to the private sector. All accessibility-related legal action taken in the private sector alleges violations of the ADA. As outlined below, several cases have provided further evidence that websites and other IT systems are covered under ADA.

NFB v. HDVest, Intuit, H&R Block, and Gilman & Ciocia, 2000.

  • Result: agreed to make changes to conform to WCAG 1.0



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Article content. What are my obligations as an employer to reasonably accommodate
an individual under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
Go Back to BNA Home. Article content. How do ADA and FMLA interact? When administering
FMLA leave, employers should be aware of ADA and FMLA requirements.
against you. Estimates indicate that the cost of compliance with ADA
requirements is less than one percent of new construction costs.
If an employer has fewer than 15 employees, the ADA doesn’t apply. Check your
state and local regulations to make sure you are in compliance.
workers. If you ever need to establish compliance with the ADA, your records
must contain information about an employee’s disability.

QuickBooks Software License Agreement

Intuit us trying to do this by using a prohibition on shared computers in the rather incomprehensible 12,000+ word QuickBooks Software License Agreement. Users must consent to this Agreement before they can install QuickBooks. However, Intuit can change the Agreement at any time and in any way, without even telling QuickBooks users about the change. How would you categorize an agreement that one party can change without notice, while the other party cannot get back the money paid for the related product?

What would you think if Intuit disabled your copy of QuickBooks, without notice, with or without such a change, so you could not access your business data?

The QuickBooks Software License Agreement gives Intuit this right if they even suspect a violation. It also one-sidedly makes Intuit not liable for damage to your data or not liable if QuickBooks does not work at all, so forget about any liability for having QuickBooks Online Offline. Does an Agreement like this make you trust The number one Intuit Operating Value says Integrity Above All?




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