QuickBook-Blog Missing on Account of Fishing, Word Autocorrect

My QuickBook-Blog is missing today, on account of fishing. My wife and I took a week off to go to Providence. When we think of Providence, it is not a religious pilgrimage. It means a visit to my son and his children, plus some usually good fishing for me.

My QuickBook-Blog is not missing on account of fishing because I did not get up early. I got up long before the three alarms my wife set. However, I had to finish and send my office the work that I did on the plane (using Dropbox). I type fast, though I cannot really type. This not typing is nothing new, as it is a big reason why I am a CPA. I was not quite 18 when I graduated high school, so I could not easily find a job. My mother got me to take a business school typing and bookkeeping course. Trying to type was very difficult, but the bookkeeping course was a breeze. I soon gave up on typing, but finished the equivalent of a year of college accounting in a summer. Until then, there was no thought I would be an accountant, so not typing was a big reason for my becoming a CPA.

I learned to type fast by using the built in word auto-correct. It automatically expands any abbreviation I like into the full text. For example, I type hvr and get “however,” while typing plsq gives me Please contact me with any questions. You can turn this off in on in an instant. I now use thousands of these abbreviations without thinking about them. There also automatically correct spelling errors. My only problem is when I cannot use them, as in the Re line of emails.

I will soon tell you how you too can quickly and easily type faster and more accurately soon. For now, however, my QuickBooks blog is missing on account of fishing.


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