Protect From Generic Diseases and Aging

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Protect From Generic Diseases and Aging

I am convinced, by a CBS Protect Humans from Generic Diseases and Aging story, that nothing should surprise us. A former college dropout wrote 527 scientific papers. He holds more than 50 patents. His team solved organ rejection problems and are about to doing the unthinkable: cure 7,000 diseases permanently.

I am a CPA, thought aptitude tests said I should have been a doctor. That I rejected because I hated school. I read many scientific and medical news stories and books. Included  are many from futurists Ray Kurzweil and Nikola Tesla. We made more technological progress in the last year than ever before. Likewise, I also know we will never more this slowly again. Therefore, nothing like this or similar stories surprised me.

Protect From Generic Diseases and Aging

When I was young, polio was a major terror. However, I immediately expected we would soon have a cure when I saw the first picture of its virus. This was because we could now see treatment results fast. Two years later we had the Salk vaccine and 45,000 polio cases soon dropped to 910.

Kurzweil says Technology Feels Like It’s Accelerating — Because It Actually Is. He calls one factor the law of accelerating returns. It explains why the cost of sequencing the human genome went from hundreds of millions of dollars to around $1,000 in less than a decade. . The current story is only an expected progression of what we can expect.


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