Paying Bills is Painful and Expensive but it can be fun

Paying Bills is Painful

Paying bills is painful and expensive but can be fun

On 4/5/17, USA Today wrote about a QuickBooks prototype, with a voice enabled bathroom mirror. It was one way to change Paying bills is Painful and expensive to fun. Someday this will let you multitask like never before. However, you no longer have to wait for it to have the fastest, easiest, most accurate and PROFITABLE fun way to pay bills.

“We won’t invent the mirror,” Intuit (QuickBooks, Turb0Tax) CEO Brad Smith explained. “We’ll figure out how it, plus our stuff, will help you.” Many users would rather endure a root canal than tackle taxes, payrolls, inventories and stress-inducing financial matters. For them, managing finance is boring, scary, intimidating, complicated or all these. “You ask about their business and eyes light up with passion,” Smith says. “Then you ask about accounting and going to market and eyes go dull.” Now you too can turn Paying bills is Painful and expensive into fun.

Brad got the root canal reference from me. I often wrote him about rather spending an hour at the dentist than use Quickbooks Online. However, about 7 years ago he told me he was putting about 80% of Intuit development money into online. Fast moving QuickBooks Online is now a pleasure, Intuit stock is up around 500% and you too can turn Paying Bills is Painful and expensive into fun.

Paying bills is Painful without free QuickBooks cards

A free Divvy QuickBooks MasterCard turns Paying Bills is Painful and expensive to the FASTEST, EASIEST, MOST ACCURATE AND PROFITABLE fun way to pay bills. Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in QuickBooks and the free e-bill pay in the Divvy QuickBooks MasterCard. Instead of charging, Divvy pays you $100 to try it and far more to use it. Artificial intelligence selects the most likely account, class, location, team and more. Snap bill pictures or scan for any type of payment. It charge instantly (or with approval) to QuickBooks, so Paying Bills becomes fun.

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