Optimal Length for Social Media

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For Example, Optimal Length for Social Media

This Optimal Length for Social Media post is terrific. For example, the author based his Optimal Length statements on lots of research. Quality content may be the big factor in what we read. And how long we read it. However, research shows that item length also affects this. Therefore, here are good optimal length tips. And, the graphic has many detailed conclusions.

Optimal Length for SocialMedia

For example, Optimal Length for Social Media – Continued

These Optimal Length for Social Media tips are starting points. The author also writes about how use data in social media. However, these lengths are not gospel. They are jumping-off points or ideas to try. Therefore, put them to the test and see what is right (Google often changes how it ranks posts). For example, I like Yoast for more complete and continuous guidance in my QuickBooks-blog and LinkedIn posts.

Likewise, Optimal Length for Social Media Tweets: 71 – 100 characters

The Optimal Length for Social Media Tweets gives you enough room to share your message. AND for someone who retweets to add their message. Therefore, Tweets of this length get more retweets. Also, they have a higher reply and retweet rate. And a combined reply/retweet rate (showing engagement).  Track Social studied 100 major brands for 30-days in the fall of 2012. And, Buddy Media studied 320 major brand Twitter handles for two-and-a-half months, at the start of 2012.

Facebooks posts: 40 characters

The Optimal Length for Social Media posts say shorter is better on Facebook. Maximum and minimum engagement are at 40 characters. Therefore, a vast minority of Facebook posts hit the 40-character mark. Engagement slowly wanes as you go elsewhere. However, the upside to this a small window is that Facebook shared links let you fudge on the text in updates. Links show title and description, plus the update of your type. And, posts at this length tend to receive higher rate, comment rate and combined like/comment rate (stats comparing total engagement to number of Facebook fans.) Two 2011 studies found that shorter is better on Facebook. Buddy Media studied the top 100 retailer Facebook pages for six months. And, BlitzLocal studied 11,000 Facebook pages over seven-months.

The Optimal Length for Social Media Google+ headlines: 60 character maximum

The Optimal Length for Social Media Google+ updates often appear like blog posts. Bold headings are on top and a body of text below. Headings are what are best optimized. This is the maximum length for a Google+ headline to span a row, before breaking to a second line. Demian Farnworth of Copyblogger tested the length with posts on his page. He found that bold headlines reached 60 characters before added words were bumped to a second line.

Width of paragraph: 40 – 55 characters

The author rarely thought about paragraph width. Readers also may think little of it. However, usability studies and psychology suggest they notice it. A 40 – 55 character width, content seems simple to understand and readers feel they comprehend better. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers made two research studies to arrive at the 40-to-55 character recommendation. They include a 2004 meta-analysis by Mary C. Dyson of the University of Reading and a 1992 study by a team of Netherlands researchers.

Domain name: 8 characters

Optimal Length for Social Media domain names are:

  • First. Short
  • Second, Easy to remember
  • Third, Easy to spell
  • Fourth, Descriptive or brandable
  • Fifth, Have no hyphens or numbers
  • Sixth, Have a .com extension.

Length can be tough to nail down, as dot-coms get snatched up quickly. Therefore, many use .co and .io if they cannot get the dot-com they want. These three are the most common domain name lengths for the most popular websites. In 2009, Daily Blog Tips analyzed the top 250 websites in Alexa rankings. They counted words and characters in each name to reach this conclusion.

In conclusion, Optimal Length and transition words are all important aspect of social media SEO copywriting.

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