Oil-spill Clean-up Breakthrough

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There is an amazing new oil-spill clean-up breakthrough. Spongy blocks of carbon nanotubes are an astounding oil-spill clean-up breakthrough. The nanotubes are 1-50 nanometers across (much narrower than a human hair). They are 100 times stronger than steel and about a sixth the weight. The tubes float well and absorb 123 times their weight in oil. You can put a match to them, to burn off the oil, 10,000 times. These oil-spill clean-up breakthrough nanotubes are 99 percent air, conduct electricity and can are easy to manipulate with magnets.

Nanotubes also can make more-efficient and lighter batteries and scaffolds for bone-tissue regeneration. We can even use them with polymers, for very strong and light automobile and plane composites. The most amazing thing, about the oil-spill clean-up breakthrough nanotubes, is that students and teachers created them at different universities. I cannot wait for mass production, by the industrial chemists and engineers at big corporations.

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