No Problem, Mike Block Will Know What To Do, QuickBooks, Tax, Computers

No Problem, Mike Block Will Know What
To Do for QuickBooks, Tax, Computers

I answered “No problem” to many QuickBooks, taxes &
computer questions, so a friend gave me this long ago.

No problem. Mike Block will know what to do.

It hung on a wall for years and
will now be on my business card.

Does your CPA make you say things like,
“No problem, Mike Block will know what to do?”

The best references:

I was #1 in U.S. Xero clients, but soon dropped it, as we all should. Do other CPAs:

  • HATE having you pay taxes?
  • Feel each tax dollar you pay hurts them more than it does you?
  • Spend 16 years fighting for tax-limit Constitutional Amendment petitions? (the main CPA group opposed limits)
  • Successfully argue before a state Supreme Court to help cut taxes?
  • Nearly get the federal balanced budget amendment passed?

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