No Problem, Mike Block Knows What To Do for QuickBooks and Computers

No Problem, Mike Block Knows What To Do

I began 10,000+ QuickBooks, tax and forum answers with “No problem”, so a friend gave me this:

No problem. Mike Block knows what to do.

No problem. Mike Block knows what to do.

It hung on a wall for years and is now on my business card.

Do you say things like,
“No problem, My CPA will know what to do?”

I have the best references:

  • You’re fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic! (Intuit- QuickBooks CEO)
  • Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong (ex-Intuit- QuickBooks CEO)
  • Stoked to finally meet our angriest fan, WHO SENDS ME EMAILS IN ALL CAPS, Hi Mike (Xero CEO – I was #1 in U.S. Xero clients, but soon dropped it, as we all should.
  • Does your CPA:
    • HATE having you pay taxes?
    • Say each tax dollar you pay hurts them more than it does you?
  • Did your CPA:
    • Spend 16 years fighting for tax-limit Constitutional Amendment petitions? (the main CPA group opposed limits)
    • Successfully argue before a state Supreme Court to help cut taxes?
    • Nearly get the federal balanced budget amendment passed?

Click for:

  • Reasons why Mike Block is the best QuickBooks, tax, and computer CPA

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Fastest, easiest, accurate, low-cost QuickBooks! Intuit - QuickBooks CEO, "You're fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic!" Tax fighting CPA.

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