Nine Reasons For Free Daily Financial Management, With No Accounting

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Why do accounting the hard expensive way?

You can get the most accurate, automatic, current, easy, fast, reliable, safe and secure accounting and financial management, by phone, fax or computer, FREE!

The smaller and hungrier you are, the more you need free daily financial management, with no accounting. Accounting is often worse than do-it-yourself brain surgery. Instead of killing fast, it makes you unhappy and strangles your business. Join 40 million users who get all daily bank, credit card and other financial institution balances and entries in one place, from anywhere, 2/7. Half our largest banks use this company’s programs to give 30 million web users balances and reminders.

Consider this:

  1. Accurate vs errors: Why risk date, name, amount or account errors? Get accurate bank, credit card and other financial institution entries and balances, with free daily financial management with no accounting.
  2. Automatic vs manual: Why enter data manually, or pay others to enter it? Get free daily automatic financial management with no accounting.
  3. Current vs delayed: Why accept delayed accounting, CPA entries, financial statements or taxes? Get free daily financial management and fast returns with no accounting.
  4. Easy vs difficult: Why have difficult QuickBooks, Quicken or spreadsheet issues? Yodlee and Mint automate free daily financial management with no accounting. Xero adds much more very little.
  5. Fast vs slow: Do you want slow accounting? Nothing is as fast as free daily financial management with no accounting.
  6. Free vs Expensive: Why buy QuickBooks, Quicken or Excel? Why spend time using them or pay others? Why wait for expensive rushed month, quarter or year-end CPA work? Free daily financial management and inexpensive international CPAs (Accounting Technology magazine cover) cut costs and speed results, 24/7.
  7. Reliable vs unreliable: Why use unreliable computers, programs, backups, phones or power? Even QuickBooks Online fails often. Use free daily financial management, with no accounting, on reliable redundant computers at secure sites, from any phone or computer.
  8. Safe vs unsafe: Why lose unsafe bank or credit card statements, checks (stubs or images) or QuickBooks, Quicken or spreadsheet files to bad filing, computers, errors, fire, flood, leaks, shipping or theft? Why pay banks $5/copy, with long delays, or CPAs $200+/year on exchanges and duplication? Free daily financial management, with no accounting, avoids all this.
  9. Secure vs not secure: Your home and office are not secure without secure alarms, backups, construction, insurance, locks, redundant computers, security professionals and virus checks. To be secure for less, get free daily financial management, with no accounting. Even if there is a security breach (for the first time), no one can steal from read-only entries, abbreviated account names and four digit account numbers. Our rules also help avoid identity theft by highlighting any unusual expenses.

We help you to enter your bank login, without seeing your password. We then no longer:

  1. Rush most accounting in a few months, with limited costly local help
  2. Rent large expensive offices all year for peak needs
  3. Wait for  bank and credit card statements and QuickBooks files
  4. Stop you from working while we work
  5. Memorize reports or change Preferences in a QB Accountant Copy
  6. Pay for expensive QuickBooks hosting

Here is how to minimize or avoid checks and check stubs:

  1. Debit or credit cards or e-pay services
  2. Automate checks stub scans to a secure location
  3. Use banks with read-only access
  4. Use e-pay payroll (for employees and contractors)

I guarantee you:

  1. No-obligation guided setup, in only about 15 minutes
  2. Need learn nothing for free daily financial management
  3. Can keep other accounting programs as long as you like
  4. Can keep free daily financial management forever
  5. Your accounting and tax services will cost 25%+ less

So contact me now!


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