New Virtual Office, Change of Address

I now have a new virtual office. My new physical address is:

830 NE 18 Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

I always did much of my work from this long-time home address. However, our new virtual office now has my 11 computers, including three office servers. It will let us us all work faster and more efficiently, regardless of where we are. We quickly notified the Post Office, Internal Revenue and Florida of this change. However, I still get mail at home for clients on address changes filed 15 years ago. Therefore, please be sure to scan or fax copies of all tax notices.

We still have our old phone numbers:



These are virtual voice – fax numbers, so you do not need my old separate fax number. My Ring Central electronic phone company temporarily lost my very old 954-566-7540 virtual number. They should restore it soon, but please use the above 7250 number instead. You do not need my cell or home numbers to get me fast, as the numbers now automatically ring my cell and home almost immediately.

Please contact me at once with your questions.


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