New Total Tax Accounting Paperwork Salvation

Here are some actual emails (except for names) about the fastest, easiest and most ridiculously inexpensive tax and accounting paperwork salvation (it is much more than a solution). This will turn my long-time worst recordkeeping client into one of our best clients.

—–Original Message—–
From: Michael Block CPA <>
To: John & Mrs. John
Subject: Total tax, accounting and paperwork salvation

Hi Mrs. John

I did not spend this week at a Xero automatic accounting conference for John. However, I found the fastest, easiest and most ridiculously inexpensive way for us to do the seemingly impossible. I am talking about total tax and record keeping salvation for us all. This is so exciting that I am writing while flying home, not waiting to rest.

John only has to use a smartphone (or scanner) to take pictures of receipts. Someone here can teach him this quickly and easily. Once he does it, he can throw away receipts. He also can drop some or all receipts into pre-addressed envelopes, without using smartphone pictures. This includes credit card slips, quotes, invoices, bills, bank statements, credit card statements and everything else that makes us all so miserable.

Each picture (or envelope) goes to a web service. They save receipts in permanent form, which is legally acceptable to Internal Revenue. If John loses credit card receipts, the program generates legal replacements. All receipts, bank and credit card entries go into my Xero web accounting program nightly, so we can complete checks and monitor missing checks with our read only bank access. The program can even send customers statements of amounts owed, with collection agency and attorney follow up.

A companion program also will track mileage, for the Internal Revenue diary that John badly needs. He only needs to have the smartphone on, not use it, for this. You or his customers also can send him messages via email. The phone can give GPS directions, while letting you see where he is and where he is going. Yes, this is truly amazing.

You and John can both certainly ask all the questions you want, but you MUST NOT argue with me about it. We cannot let John keep making us both miserable, when the cost will be HALF OF WHAT YOU NOW PAY for incomplete late records.

If you have any doubts at all, please remember how you felt during the last long Internal Revenue exam, not to mention how much it cost each of us.

– – – – – –

From: Mrs. John
To: Michael Block CPA
Subject: Total tax, accounting and paperwork salvation

You put a smile on my face!!

You are so excited about this program that I know for sure the conference was a success. I will buy John a smart phone as soon as I can afford one, but that is the easy part. Teaching John to use it is a different story 🙂  Can’t wait to know how it works.

Thank you for keeping us in mind and informed.

Mrs. John

– – – – – –

From: Michael Block CPA <>
To: John & Mrs. John

Hi Mrs. John

Thank you for the fast reply. I will gladly buy John the phone out of his refund, when we apply that to my fee. I also will gladly teach him to use the phone and make sure that we remind him if he does not. For all our sakes, I trust that you will do this too. However, none of us really has to worry about this at all, because of what I said here:

He also can drop some or all receipts into pre-addressed
envelopes, without using smartphone pictures

Therefore, I will sign John up for this even before he gets the phone.






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