New QuickBooks Hosting, QuickBooks Sunset Policies, Crippled QuickBooks Enterprise

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There is a new Intuit QuickBooks hosting program. Users can now run QuickBooks on remote rented servers, instead of in-house ones. Many may not like the present QuickBooks hosting program, but Intuit is usually very responsive to user input. Please join me in my latest effort to get it to change, with an email or a Comment.

No Old Versions: Intuit Sunset Policies probably make more QuickBooks users unhappy than anything else. QuickBooks hosting may soon make many far more unhappy about QuickBooks Sunset policies. Around 1.5 million QuickBooks users, out of around 4.5 million total QuickBooks users, probably run QuickBooks 2006 or earlier. Under Intuit Sunset policies, these 1.5 million users cannot get Intuit support, updates, payroll tax tables, online banking, and more. Under the Intuit Sunset policies, these and other functions stop working each year in April, for QuickBooks versions released about 3.5 years earlier. Buy QuickBooks at a discount, late in the year, and the Sunset policies mean you may only get 2.5 years of full use. You can, however, use most QuickBooks functions far longer. For many, not upgrading is less a money issue than it is not wanting to get new computers (for the increasingly bigger QuickBooks program) and learn new software. However, the new QuickBooks hosting program already bars products like QuickBooks 2006, which Intuit does not support. Intuit also rents QuickBooks to its new QuickBooks hosting companies. This means QuickBooks may soon be a rental only product, with a three year life.

Crippled QuickBooks Enterprise: The new QuickBooks hosting program also does not allow more than five people “at a time” simultaneously (redundantly) in a QuickBooks file. Enterprise can have as many as 30 users, so the new QuickBooks hosting provides only a crippled QuickBooks Enterprise.

There is much more to consider with this new QuickBooks hosting.

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  1. Sunsetting is deception! Shame on you, Intuit! My grandmother would call it a LIE! I, or anyone else who listens to my opinion, would not purchase any Intuit product!

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