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I really would like your comments regarding the new QuickBooks hosting Intuit Commercial Hosting Program. Comments may include a permanent link to your website (unrelated spam moderated out). You also may use my Contact us for QuickBooks Accounting Software link, in strict confidence, for web form or phone contact.

Please download the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program Document here. For reasons I will discuss, it will be much safer to get this free download here than it will be to get it from Intuit. 

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I am asking for comments because the new QuickBooks hosting, Intuit Commercial Hosting Program document, seems very scary. Many years ago, top Intuit ProSeries (TurboTax) execs and Advisory Council users strongly encouraged my new QuickBooks hosting. They also gave my QuickBooks hosting company personnel and me an all day tour, where we discussed this extensively. Of particular interest was that, even from my hotel room (with a possible Wi-Fi connection), ProSeries seemed much faster than it did on my local network.

The QuickBooks hosting company personnel did not sign a confidentiality agreement. This legally released me from my confidentiality agreement, concerning the information discussed with them. Top Intuit execs also let me knowingly and repeatedly publicize this information, despite the seeming contradictions with the QuickBooks Software License Agreement. This confirmed my legal release from the confidentiality agreement.

These discussions led, directly and indirectly, to massive expansion of the new QuickBooks hosting industry. A leading QuickBooks expert estimated there were around a thousand QuickBooks hosting companies. However, this seems far too low an estimate considering that Google now has more than 600,000 links to QuickBooks hosting. Despite this, I recently heard that Intuit is now thinking in terms of adding perhaps ONLY TEN (10) new Intuit Commercial Hosting Program companies.

Intuit conducted a three-year beta (pilot) program of the new QuickBooks hosting. The new QuickBooks hosting beta was unlike any beta I ever saw, at Intuit or elsewhere. Note that I won repeat awards as the top beta tester of QuickBooks, occasionally by wide margins. Other tests had many participants, who had to keep the test confidential for around three months. Only the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program test had two to three participants, who did not need to keep the test confidential, for around three years. Only in this case were Intuit Commercial Hosting Program beta participants allowed to use their unique status, to promote sales and damage competitors. They did this by saying that only they had legal Intuit Commercial Hosting Program licenses, and competitors were operating without licenses. It then got much worse. Only licensed Intuit Commercial Hosting Program hosting companies can now rent QuickBooks from Intuit and to customers.

I know that Intuit has very many smart people. I never saw this better demonstrated than with the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program document. Some South Florida QuickBooks Meetup (the largest such Meetup) members gasped when they heard my summary. None approved any of the many provisions I reviewed.

A good bargain is one that gives both parties a reason to honor it. I am sorry to say that our Intuit friends seem to have forgotten this in their very smart drafting the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program agreement. Intuit is clearly entitled to much more money, for many of the copies of QuickBooks now used in QuickBooks Hosting. However, as with the quickly dropped TurboTax copy protection, I will soon discuss how Intuit can and should easily get that money.

Until then, I would really like your comments on the very excessive burdens, and outright mistakes, in the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program.

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