New QuickBooks Hosting, Critical Issues, Crippled QuickBooks Enterprise

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The New QuickBooks Hosting issue relates to a very important new program for QuickBooks remote web hosting. Intuit made this new QuickBooks hosting program public last week, after a new QuickBooks hosting pilot program that apparently took around three years. Around a thousand companies provide the type of new QuickBooks hosting covered by the program, for perhaps 500,000 QuickBooks accounts. So far, Intuit only approved three companies.

Critical Issues:

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We discussed the new QuickBooks hosting critical issues at some length at the recent meeting of the South Florida QuickBooks Meetup, the largest anywhere. I will soon add many more articles on the critical issues involved in the new QuickBooks hosting program. That is because this new QuickBooks hosting program raises issues that are critical issues for ALL QuickBooks users, even if you never use anything like the new QuickBooks hosting. The new QuickBooks hosting program also raises critical issues for the computer and entertainment industries. I actually believe these new QuickBooks hosting critical issues will soon be critical issues for many countries around the world. The new QuickBooks hosting and related critical issues also may very well affect the survival of Intuit, as we know it.

Crippled QuickBooks Enterprise:

I first wrote about the apparent Crippled QuickBooks Enterprise under the new QuickBooks hosting program. The first new QuickBooks hosting article was in AccountingWeb, with the Intuit logo. It said you could not have more than five users at a time in a QuickBooks file. This meant the new QuickBooks hosting program would only provide a Crippled QuickBooks Enterprise. The Crippled QuickBooks Enterprise term related to QuickBooks Enterprise being able to have up to 30 users, but apparently only five with the new QuickBooks Hosting. It was gratifying when this led to a fast correction of the AccountingWeb new QuickBooks hosting article.

My next New QuickBooks Hosting article will discuss the really very scary QuickBooks Software License Agreement, which is among the critical issues for all QuickBooks users.

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