Update: Secrets of Outsourcing

Update: Secrets of Outsourcing relates to a new Facebook post.

Secrets-of-Outsourcing helps with U.S. and offshore outsourcing.

You can use Secrets to create U.S. and offshore QuickBooks and tax jobs. You can cuts costs, improve quality and accuracy, work productively, automate, use any language and live better.

Secrets of Outsourcing answers Mark Bravo, The Entrepreneurial Accountant, Facebook, 6/25/18:

I am looking at a company to do outsourcing called pransform.com. I had a meeting with them. They charge you for bookkeeping about 15 per hour and business taxes about 75-150, so I am going to try them soon.

My Secrets reply:

I want to help, at rates none can equal. I have two QuickBooks Top Tester awards, Intuit Advisory Councils (#QuickBooks and #ProSeries Tax); and #Intuit – QuickBooks CEO Brad Smith friendship (You’re fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic!). This led to an Accounting Technology cover story about Secrets-of-Outsourcing. The Secrets relate to knowing how to hire & supervise good remote accountants, assistants and programmers, often for less than $8 an hour.

A key Secret: a long-time virtual supervisor:

He checks software snapshots of assistant computer screens and MY SCREEN, taken each 5 to 10 minutes. Then come checks of outgoing email and timesheets. He adds to timesheets, decides on new staff, does most filing (we only scan), asks questions and does data entry. This has let me largely ignore timesheets and filing for 5+ years. We also quickly expand and contract as needed. That is why I help at rates few can match and offer service few match.

New LinkedIn Group: Secrets of Outsourcing:

I now have a new LinkedIn group for you, Secrets of Outsourcing. I will explain many Secrets, answer your questions and help you use U.S. and offshore outsourcing. As I wrote, you can create U.S. and offshore QuickBooks and tax jobs. You also can cuts costs, improve quality and accuracy, work productively, automate, use any language and live better.

We have perfect staff for you and can quickly find more:

There is a about an employment interview for a remote programmer. The interviewer asked if the programmer was an expert in many computer languages. He always got a yes for an answer. He finally asked how the person could be an expert in so much. The reply was India had 1.3 billion people looking for jobs, so he could quickly find someone with any skill needed.

I have been finding great accountants, assistants and programmers for 19 years. Many of these and their local web pages help me find staff in the U.S., India, Pakistan, the Philippines and far beyond. 7,000+ LinkedIn connections and the LinkedIn Sales Manager also help. A Guatemalan immigrant, who has been with me more than 15 years, helps as well. So does a Ukrainian, who was so good that I brought him and his family to the U.S., with an H1B visa, 16 years ago. We went to many of each others family events and became good friends and partners. They and their families are now citizens and homeowners. This is why we can quickly help you in any language.

Please join the LinkedIn group Secrets of Outsourcing now:

There is nothing in my Secrets of Outsourcing group today, but please join now. You can ask questions immediately and get answers in hours. You also can contact me on LinkedIn (Mike Block CPA) or email (mblock@blocktax.com). I will soon regularly post Secrets of Outsourcing.

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