My Incredibly Exciting Six Days in May

Seven Days in May was an exciting movie and book. My exciting Six Days in May were real.

My Incredibly Exciting Six Days in May

Incredibly Exciting Day 1 to 4. Scaling New Heights conference.

An amazing four-day Scaling New Heights conference featured QuickBooks Online. There were machine learning, rules, much on practice management and growth sessions. I will remember the exciting Joe Woodard, Steve Forbes, and Daniel Susskind. They excited and wasted us daily, with endless perfect illustrations. Each day was one of my most exciting 4 best conference days.

One small example was the countdown to the mission to put a man on the moon. It switches to a young girl learning the alphabet on her iPhone. The girl had 1,400 times the computing power of NASA. Even more exciting was how fast we race ahead with computer chess, expert systems, computer intelligence, and productivity. The expert systems included medicine, law, auditing, blockchain, and computer chats. The chats explain financials better than we can. After years of growth, we now expect 40% fewer CPAs by 2023. We will then finish automating 86% of current accountant work. This is not in the future, as many vendors had examples of doing it NOW!

Incredibly Exciting Day 5 – Cigarette Pack Size Computer and Artificial Intelligence:

Jon and Renee Carleton made day 5 even more exciting. We have been fishing companions and close friends since 1981. Jon is an incredible programmer, controller, and pilot. Renee is a world-renowned veterinarian and teacher. Jon excited me with a $35 computer. It had a 1.4GHzx 64-bit quad-core CPU, dual-band 802.11ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2 and gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0 (up to 300 Mbps). There also was power-over-Ethernet, improved PXE network, USB mass-storage boot, and improved thermal management. There are still HDMI, four USB 2.0 ports, plus display and camera ports. Read more here. A $3 chip gave it 256g of the high-speed cache. Jon added open-source Linux, content management, MySQL and the Apache webserver that powers most of the internet. This gave it more storage and power than most of my computers. He was one of 30 early Artificial Intelligence programmers, who may soon revolutionize accounting.

Incredibly Exciting Day 6 – Supreme Court Sales Tax

Whether you had to collect sales tax was rather simple for 60 years. If you did business in a state, except for sales offices, you had to collect state tax. A 1992 Supreme Court decision (Quill) expressly exempted internet sellers from collecting tax, based on the shipping destination. That changed yesterday. The result is very complex, with about 11,000 sales tax agencies. A new QuickBooks sales tax module uses Vertex, but some Scaling conference attendees criticized it. Sales tax boundaries do not follow zip code lines Different products and services also are exempt in different states. Intuit and Vertex should soon get it right.

As exciting my six days were, I now need sleep./h2>

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