Most Famous QuickBooks CPA? Mike Block CPA

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Doug Sleeter and Joe Woodard are excellent QuickBooks teachers for CPAs. However, the table below shows that Google has many more links to the most famous QuickBooks CPA, Mike Block CPA, than it does any other QuickBooks CPA.

“mike block”“joe
02/16/10 results:OR blocktaxsleeterwoodard”
QuickBooks errors   50,4008,550  530
Speeding up QuickBooks     9,290  596  143
QuickBooks “ask the expert”     6,130  327    9
QuickBooks performance    28,7009,820  246

You can click on each of the above numbers to see the current number of Google links to the most famous QuickBooks CPA, Mike Block CPA, compared to other prominent QuickBooks CPAs. You also can then enter the name of your QuickBooks CPA and see how he compares to Mike Block CPA, the most famous QuickBooks CPA.

Then ask yourself why you are using a CPA for QuickBooks, or for cutting taxes, who Google barely recognizes?

Why not let Mike Block CPA save you far more on taxes than you pay him?

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  1. Jazachman says:

    Mike your blog is great! I am new to this but will keep watching for great content. Any idea how Intuit has failed to keep their servers online? Jim

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