Debt Settlement and Mortgage Foreclose Defense Bargain

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A good mortgage-foreclosure-defense bargain attorney can:

  • Stop debt collector harassment
  • Substantially cut interest rates
  • Defer or reduce the balance due
  • Let you live payment free for a long time (up to four years)
  • Let you walk away without owing anything

Various debt settlement and mortgage-foreclosure defense programs will:

  • Reduce mortgages to 125% of low property values
  • Cut interest
  • Pay those foreclosed up to $35,000
  • Let you rent your home for years, for less than market rent
  • Provide many other benefits

Do not waste ridiculous amounts of time trying to negotiate these benefits yourself, as they often take two or more years even for an attorney. You only waste time and money, while getting a small fraction of what you should. You also should not believe anything bank officials say about this. What you need is a good debt setlement and mortgage-foreclosure-defense bargain.

I know many attorneys, but I spent a long time finding this debt settlement and mortgage-foreclosure-defense bargain. I did not want to have you pay up to $1,500 a month for debt settlement and mortgage foreclosure defense, which many attorneys charge. This firm charges only $50/month (with a $750 retainer). That includes answering the foreclosure lawsuit and other motions, without any extra charge. They have had hundreds of clients for several years, as this often takes two or more years.

I do not receive referral fees or other compensation from them. My only interest is saving client money.

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