More Red Light Camera Waste

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This more red light camera waste post adds to my prior Red Light Camera Waste post.

Some South Florida cities are spending tens of thousands of dollars to prosecute fines from automatic red light cameras. Drivers are fighting tickets, so police spend more time reviewing tapes and preparing court evidence. Fort Lauderdale rulings have increasingly gone against it, which has been very labor intensive. The city issued about 70 tickets a day for the first three months starting in September. This dropped to 30 in December and 15 in January.

Broward County has a backlog of 1,000 cases. Cities had to assign attorneys to prosecute cases, at the court’s direction, instead of using police officers (as with other traffic citations). Judges dismissed cases because uncertified employees reviewed tapes, officers did not have certified copies of vehicle registrations or photographic evidence that cars did not enter intersections before lights turned red. Pembroke Pines scheduled 53 cases last month. The court help the evidence in the first was inadmissible and unreliable, so it dismissed or continued the others.

Boca Raton and Delray Beach are delaying installing cameras, despite signed contracts. Two State Senators want red light camera waste repealed, with the camera program ended by July.



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