More QuickBooks Errors, Will Intuit Drop QuickBooks? Xero

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It is shocking to see more QuickBooks errors AND to hear that Intuit support cannot or will not do anything about them.

I recently told this to my licensed Intuit Citrix QuickBooks hosting provider:

I logged in with…  I then opened Windows Explorer and went to… I next clicked on the… QuickBooks Enterprise 11 file. About half the time, I got a screen with a “destructor error.”

 The excellent tech support team responded:

The destructor error is an Intuit known issue when opening QuickBooks 2010 – 2012. Intuit says that this series of errors does not cause any problems with the functionality of QuickBooks and to just click OK to ignore the FOUR ERROR MESSAGES (my emphasis) that are part of this error.

You can read more about it on Intuit’s site here:

With QuickBooks files, you will always want to first open QuickBooks and then select the file to open – do not open them via the windows explorer. 

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

I responded:

If we should not open QuickBooks files from Explorer then nothing should open when we try doing that. Please keep us constantly backed up. I thought your daily backups would let us avoid automatic backups, every time we closed QuickBooks. However, I no longer trust Quickbooks without them.

If this error persisted, from 2010 through the latest 2012, then will Intuit drop QuickBooks? The QuickBooks versions you host have grown very slowly. Xero is growing 8 to 100 times as fast as different QuickBooks versions.


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