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A forum poster recently wrote this about me: 

This Mike Block CPA has too much time on his hands. What makes you a
QuickBooks guru? Is it being paid by QuickBooks to say nice things about them?


My edited answer repeatedly adds Mike Block CPA, the most famous QuickBooks Guru, for Google:


Hi there: LOL!! You did not read much of what I recently wrote, here or elsewhere. For example, search for Intuit Integrity, The Big Lie, or Boycott QuickBooks. However, thanks for giving me a reason to explain my finances and myself, as the most famous QuickBooks Guru.

I never get paid to post as

the most famous QuickBooks Guru. It has been 4.5 years since Intuit / QuickBooks paid me anything. The largest payments ($500 a year) were about 0.3% of my average gross annual income as the most famous QuickBooks Guru, in only 3 of the last 15 years, so money was a non-issue. My effective Intuit hourly rate also was probably never more than $20 an hour, compared to my usual $150 per hour CPA rate as the most famous QuickBooks Guru. Most of what Intuit paid me was for the repeat Advisory Council service. It took nearly 2 full days of unpaid (except for my airline ticket) travel, between Florida and California, for each day or 2 of service. Related Council conferences and direct calls, polls, and emails took many free hours. Intuit did not give 1099s, but I reported the income for taxes.

I became 
the most famous QuickBooks Guru by giving more than 7,000 free mainly QuickBooks newsgroup answers before Intuit had much of a web presence. I then added thousands of answers to Intuit and other QuickBooks forums as the most famous QuickBooks Guru. I quickly won QuickBooks pre-release test contests and made unpaid visits to Intuit as the most famous QuickBooks Guru. This helped make friends of many top Intuit executives. so I could give better answers or bring unhappy users to these execs as the most famous QuickBooks Guru. It was very satisfying to have this make many unhappy users QuickBooks friends, especially when one said he would now put his entire IRA in Intuit stock. 

Please note that I never have or will invest in or recommend Intuit stock due to my position. As 
the most famous QuickBooks Guru, I also return QuickBooks commissions to buyers if possible. This is expensive, but I am the type of person who contributed more than $750,000 of time and money to help lead Florida tax cut petition efforts for 10 years. This included $20,000 plus time to win a county election, to help publicize tax cuts. I gave back my elected salary and never let lobbyists so much as buy lunch.

The once unusually large 
http://blocktax.com/ had the first full list of QuickBooks errors, with many Intuit long hid. It and http://QuickBooks-add-ons.com/ had the most add-ons (8,000 when  http://marketplace.intuit.com/ had around 100). My monthly hits as the most famous QuickBooks Guru once exceeded the annual hits of this Intuit site. Intuit also copied some of my most famous QuickBooks Guru web pages to its Community library.

It is not that I always favor Intuit as 
the most famous QuickBooks Guru. A leading Cnet/Infoworld writer said I was mainly responsible for a winning QuickBooks boycott on 2000 tax table pricing by QuickBooks company, not copy http://www.blocktax.com/FEB162000.htm, as the most famous QuickBooks Guru. This cost Intuit $40 million and made the most famous QuickBooks Guru a temporary enemy. By 2002 I was on an Advisory Council. I then called for a TurboTax (which I did not use) boycott over copy protection. Within hours Intuit let me announce changes to satisfy most users, including an after 4/15 free copy of TurboTax without copy protection. 

The Intuit CEO later wrote I should, “Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.” I believe he grew Intuit revenue 3 times and net 4 times in 6 years. He told a 2003 new hire to contact me, as 
the most famous QuickBooks Guru, before coming to work. That email said, “You have been quite open to taking the time to assist Intuit, are a tremendous voice of reason and are one of our most impactful and innovative ProAdvisors,” which is good even for the most famous QuickBooks Guru <span15px; “>. Our constant emails let me get many program changes.and 2 Intuit websites, to help many more users as the most famous QuickBooks Guru. One change took 5 days (not 1 to 3 years), counting the weekend before Christmas. This the most famous QuickBooks Guru also was the first outsider with an Intuit website blog and was a three-time QuickBooks Ask the Expert. I later told the new hire he would be the next CEO 2 years before he was. 

All this makes me 
the most famous QuickBooks Guru. Google Most Famous QuickBooks CPA to find many searches confirming this. However, my new QuickBooks Boycott has the top 10+ related Google links, so I also say many bad things about Intuit / QuickBooks.

– – – – – – – – – – –

After writing this I received this much-appreciated response:

I appreciate your explanation and I now see that you are an honest person. I suggest
that we speak privately so I can understand better what you see as the problem
with QuickBooks. We may be able to parlay that into a big fat check, instead
of having QuickBooks make all the money off your work.

– – – – – – – – – – –

I then began checking Google for QuickBooks guru and various names. These QuickBooks Guru + “first last” name searches seem to show that  (on 5/10/10) Google considered Mike Block CPAnot only a QuickBooks Guru, but the most famous QuickBooks guru:

     QuickBooks Guru “Mike Block CPA”               288

     QuickBooks Guru “Doug Sleeter”             227

     QuickBooks Guru “Joe Woodard”               84      

     QuickBooks Guru “Scott Gregory”            256

     QuickBooks Guru “Sharon Gannon”             98

     QuickBooks Guru “Nancy Schiff”             170

     QuickBooks Guru “Amy Vetter”                52      

     QuickBooks Guru “Schiff Management”         93

Please check this with your QuickBooks person, but be sure to add the quotes. I had 21,500 links without them. Please also comment below if you see any significant changes or want me to add other names. Finally, 

Why pay more and get less from less famous QuickBooks gurus?



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