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Few realize how important it is that Microsoft – Intuit integrate programs and related data. On 6/15/09 I wrote in this QuickBooks-Blog: Intuit Federated Applications: Ultimate QuickBooks Add-ons), “I began this at 4 AM Sunday, too excited to sleep … will soon revolutionize your life.” My excitement related to meeting that day with the top Intuit execs for this effort.

After the Intuit meeting, my 6/23/09 press release announced a South Florida QuickBooks Meetup (the largest of 60+ such groups), on Intuit Federated Applications: Ultimate QuickBooks Add-ons. I said that there were 25 million QuickBooks users because that is how many people worked for companies using QuickBooks. I also said, “Few at Intuit may yet realize it, but there is no reason 30+ more million users of Quicken, TurboTax, the professional versions of TurboTax, other Intuit programs and unlimited non-Intuit programs, will not soon join these universal web links.” 

Despite this, I never expected the Microsoft – Intuit integrate effort would quickly end a 20 year Microsoft Intuit War, in which I was an active participant. For 12 years I prominently pushed top Intuit execs for exactly such  integration, so this is only the beginning of the effort to have Microsoft – Intuit integrate. See my next Microsoft – Intuit Integrate blog post on the trillions of dollars officially involved in this supremely important programming, business and personal revolution. 

For more on the Microsoft – Intuit Integrate see the  Microsoft – Intuit Integrate Monopoly.

Coming Soon:  Microsoft – Intuit Integrate, Microsoft – Intuit War.

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