Make taxes and bookkeeping MUCH faster and easier, Focus on business not paperwork

Make taxes and bookkeeping MUCH faster and easier, as you focus on business, not paperwork:

  • Stop receipts from quickly becoming illegible, disorganized or lost
  • Save on having you or your CPA sort, add or classify receipts
  • Increase tax deductions (entertainment, auto expenses and much more)
  • Cut accounting costs and get earlier tax returns (less subject to tax identity theft)
  • Stop having to find, copy and give receipts to CPAs, suppliers and tax examiners 
  • Link receipts to Xero or QuickBooks, quickly and automatically
  • Get meaningful accounting at any time, 24/7, with no tax surprises
  • Get earlier returns, so you are less likely to have expensive tax identity theft
  • Automate car mileage tracking and reimbursements
  • Automate customer billing, collecting and dunning
  • Automate paying bills and cash management.

The big question is, do you:

  • Simply want to mail receipts (weekly or monthly) OR
  • Take frequent smartphone or scanner pictures of receipts.

Unless you are sure you will take smartphone or scanner pictures often, you PLEASE click this image … - Scan Receipts and Business Cards

to sign up for Shoeboxed (, 30 day free trial). It costs only $10 to $30 a month and saves ridiculously more in many ways. It even has a smartphone app to help you painlessly prove your business miles.

 Shoeboxed Makes Taxes & Bookkeeping Easier!


Click this link and signup with Expensify instead if you:

  • Can take frequent smartphone or scanner pictures of receipts and other documents
  • Need pictures of checks or invoices before sending them
  • Want to automate billing, collections, bill payment and 
  • Need the best smartphone app for scanning and mileage
  • Want to save even more money

Please email Mike Block CPA (or contact me), with your Shoeboxed or Expensify login, as soon as you sign up. Both services need many entries from your chart of accounts.


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