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It is a delight to see frequent Liquidweb heroic support hosting ads, on my blog and elsewhere. I have LONG been using Liquidweb heroic support hosting. They provide a rare combination of low price, speed, power, reliability, flexibility and programs, along with truly heroic support.

My supremely experienced webmaster found Liquidweb heroic support hosting after a VERY long and extensive seach. We both kept endlessly testing and comparing, as we quickly used and discarded many prior hosting companies.

The amazing quality of Liquidweb heroic support has been a terrific bonus. We rarely contact it without seeing how different it is from other hosting companies. All their support people have been extremely fast and amazingly well informed. They often provide solutions AND explain them. They also often suggest better alternative solutions than our questions might suggest. I cannot even remember a dropped call.

That is why I am long overdue in providing this Liquidweb heroic support hosting link. My webmaster and I actually discussed not promoting them on several occasions, as we felt they gave us a competitive edge. However, their extensive ads now show that we cannot keep them to ourselves. Therefore, please use this Liquidweb link, instead of clicking their ads. They pay more for referrals than Google does for ads, which does not mean you should not click the other Google ads. 



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