New LinkedIn Group Announcement: QuickBooks Self Employed

Here is the revised welcome announcement for my new LinkedIn group: QuickBooks Self Employed.

Thank you for sharing my vision for this very needed LinkedIn group. As you may know, QuickBooks Self Employed had 490,000 users on 2/28/18, up 310,000 users in a year. This is far faster growth than any comparable product. QuickBooks Self Employed should soon have many more users because we file most Form 1040 Schedule C (sole proprietor) income tax returns in March and April. There also should soon be countless more QuickBooks Self Employed users because most of the 22 million sole proprietors still use paper and Excel accounting.

I would love to hear about your QuickBooks Self Employed experiences, including problems. I will try to answer your questions or get top Intuit people to answer. From long Intuit experience, I know that its terrific people gladly try very hard to keep us all happy, so please click on my new LinkedIn group at QuickBooks Self Employed.

You can post publicly there, but use LinkedIn Messenger (Mike Block CPA) or email for privacy.

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