Lightning Strikes Fort Lauderdale

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Lightning strikes Fort Lauderdale is not news. I often hear that my Fort Lauderdale, Florida area is the lightning capital of the United States, there that distinction apparently belongs to Tampa (Hillsborough County), on the west coast of Florida.

These records probably do not count the lightning I see over the Gulfstream, a few miles offshore. It can continue flashing non-stop for more than 15 minutes. It may continue much longer, but that is about my limit. Therefore, lightning strikes Fort Lauderdale is not certainly news.

Lightning shows us the power of nature. It probably still kills faster than lasers. It also apparently killed several who tried to repeat the Ben Franklin kite experiment. 250 years later we apparently can harvest lightning, but there is little usable power in it. Then why write, if lightning strikes Fort Lauderdale is not news?

I am writing about lightning striking Fort Lauderdale after 7 PM last night.*

Fortunately, I was inside, partly because of the terrific storm over us. However, that did not stop this lightning strike from giving me a mild shock, through a switch I was holding. My computers should have been off, but we have a house surge suppressor and battery-backup surge suppressors on computer equipment. I just got a reminder that this may not always be enough.

My computers and most equipment were fine. However, I lost the switch and a cable modem. This meant I lost two of my three phones, but calls to the down lines went to my cell and remaining line automatically. With only 10 minutes to closing, I found a replacement modem and switch in two stores. Then the fun began.

We connected most of my 10 computers to servers, but not to the Internet. Even after Comcast registered the modem, they could not get it to respond. It turned out that their line to the modem had almost no signal, so we waited until 6 PM for Felix Singletary, a superb tech (I made sure to get his number). He first had to replace a modem for my neighbor, who was hit by the same lightning strike.

I thought we were set when Felix quickly got one computer working. However, after much reading, Matthew Palliser found that the new modem and switch both had DHCP on and could not turn it off. Due to my internal / external terminal server, I needed a different modem. Matthew is the son of Deane Palliser. They Pallisers are very good low-cost computer techs, who have been helping me for 15 years (954-439-3527).  Matt’s replacement modem got me working, but he had to leave by 1 AM so he can return by 7:30 AM. That is kind of expertise and dedication that keeps me using thePallisers.

I must now answer about 100 emails, despite the best spam defense. I am blogging first, partly so clients can better understand my delay and minimal responses.


 I took a 15-minute break here, after sneezing soda on my desk,
keyboard and monitor. Lightning strikes again in Fort Lauderdale.




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