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IRS Overwhelmed deals with the latest annual audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

This IRS overwhelmed audit measures 2010 performance, which was not good for IRS or taxpayers. IRS challenges included many tax laws created, extended or expanded. There are more than 100 new provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act alone.

To ease the IRS overwhelmed burden, IRS got 3,000 new agents, compliance officers and other personnel. Unfortunately, the private sector doesn’t have those resources.

The tax changes last year were the most significant in 20+ years. The IRS overwhelmed blame lies with Congress. One tax change may make sense, but something is wrong when you make so many changes that IRS cannot keep up with 3,000 new people. If IRS cannot keep up, small business owners cannot keep up. This turns taxpayers into “innocent criminals.” They are criminals for breaking a law or regulation, but innocent in having no idea that they were breaking it.

Our tax system keeps becoming more complex. Until we simplify taxes, IRS and taxpayers are in limbo.  A competent CPA or tax attorney is a necessity. We want systems without lawyers, but that is not the Internal Revenue Code. One lawyer or accountant advantage is you can often get penalties waived if you reasonably rely on a tax professional who makes mistakes.

If you are a  small or medium sized business or individual, contact us if you have IRS or state tax problems. It is far less costly to talk to us before making a mistake or having an audit. We can help you with many tax matters, including accouting, tax returns, back taxes, tax planning, audit defense, voluntary disclosure, penalty abatements, collections, tax investigations, or simply being IRS overwhelmed.  

Google even recognizes us as the authority on the fastest and easiest daily automatic free accounting (top 3 links out of 365 million). This automatic free accounting can supplement or replace QuickBooks and other accounting programs. Automatic free accounting can be your only accounting system or, woth add-on programs, it can automate most of your accounting work. 

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