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Timing is one of the most important Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes. Intuit execs may feel that the terrible timing for QuickBooks users is terrific for Intuit. However, you will soon see these are terrible mistakes for Intuit QuickBooks hosting. 

Computer Speed:
The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes are especially bad because computers have been becoming rapidly more powerful since 1968. Moore’s Law (from Intel’s co-founder) says computers have been doubling in memory and speed every 12 to 18 months, while becoming 10% cheaper. Metcalfe’s Law (from the inventor of the Ethernet) says phone and computer networks become TWICE as valuable each time you add ONE user. Ray Kurzweil (futurist, author, and perhaps the most prolific inventor since Thomas Edison) says our combined human and tool-calculating power has been very rapidly accelerating for hundreds of years. This is from the combination of our population growth and the rapidly increasing number and capability of our smart tools. 

Shared Computers:
These factors are creating a terrific opportunity for Intuit QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks users. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes relate to reversing prior support for shared computers. Shared computers will soon be vital to further revolutionary changes. Intuit is now teaming up with SCORE (a free small business-counseling agency), and other technology firms, to accelerate small business growth. This relates to an FCC plan for rapid growth in very affordable high-speed internet access. We should soon get an internet like South Korea!

The related revolution will have many aspects. There will be a 75% reduction in business information technology staff by 2020. This will be due to a very fast shift from local business networks to remote Cloud Computing. Wikipedia says Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby SHARED resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like a public utility. Cloud Computing resolves completely around networks of shared computers. Personal computers and other devices effectively become rather dumb terminals, almost completely dependent on shared Cloud Computers for meaningful programs like QuickBooks. However, Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes prohibit using of shared computers, unless expressly licensed by Intuit. This means that the precise timing of the shared computer revolution matches the timing of the Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes restricting it. 

Intuit monopoly and QuickBooks Sunset Policies:
QuickBooks now has a 95% market share in both small business and home checkbook programs at retail. It is now obvious that it was a mistake to let any company dominate this way.You lose Intuit support and some QuickBooks features about 3.5 years after the release of each version of QuickBooks. You only have about 2.5 years if you buy in September. However, you can otherwise keep using QuickBooks indefinitely. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes already prohibit you from using old versions of QuickBooks for QuickBooks hosting. You will not be able to host QuickBooks 2007 in a few days. Soon only current annual QuickBooks versions will be available. Your very access, to your own business data, will then entirely depend on your continuing to pay Intuit. The timing of the Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes means your payment may increase at any time, to any extent. 

QuickBooks Online:
QuickBooks Online is one of the worst bookkeeping products I ever used. All QuickBooks experts I know, with one exception, really dislike it. However, it is one of Intuit’s fastest growing products, due to remote access and low prices. However, it also already means losing access to your own business data soon after you stop paying Intuit. Is this what we want for Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes future?

Shared Computers Licenses:
Let us look at the Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes relative to these licenses. Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes only let three companies offer shared Cloud Computers for QuickBooks hosting for three years. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes may now add around twelve new companies for QuickBooks Commercial hosting. Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Intuit Solution Providers (QuickBooks Enterprise sellers) can now host for nominal prices. However, Intuit may raise the price for these providers and commercial QuickBooks hosting companies at any time, to any extent. Intuit will know exactly how much to increase charges, as it requires companies to provide extensive financial and operating data. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes even reserve the right to compete against these commercial hosting companies, so they are nothing more than Intuit divisions. They take risks, but Intuit can take their profits, licenses, and businesses at any time it wishes.

Microsoft – Citrix Partnership:
Microsoft long ago licensed its source code to Citrix, so Citrix could develop a multi-user version of Windows. Citrix did it so well that Microsoft licensed its product for Windows Terminal Services. That made continue to improve its product. Citrix is now three to four times faster than its Microsoft version, using 73% less bandwidth. This made the companies recently start a new partnership. Microsoft will offer Citrix Cloud Computing for $28 per user per month. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes is having QuickBooks commercial hosting companies charge twice as much (or more). Microsoft may increase this for the extra Intuit QuickBooks commercial hosting charges. However, that may only make this service less competitive with the offerings of competitors, as discussed below.

Who Loses?
Thanks to prior encouragement by top Intuit execs, there are probably more than a thousand other QuickBooks commercial hosting companies, with 200,000+ QuickBooks users. There are probably far more QuickBooks users on internal company servers. Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes supposedly outlaw their shared computer use. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistak es also mean Microsoft and Citrix will lose big. The Intuit monopoly means these users will not need shared-computer multi-user operating systems from these companies.

Eventually, the Intuit monopoly, QuickBooks sunset policies, limited QuickBooks choices, and Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes will hurt all QuickBooks users devastate Intuit. That is why there will be much more on Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes to come.

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