Intuit QuickBooks Hosting Mistakes, QuickBooks Online Errors vs QuickBooks Errors

The Intuit QuickBooks Hosting Mistakes include remote substitutes for QuickBooks desktop. QuickBooks Online is horribly slow. QuickBooks Online lacks many very popular QuickBooks desktop features. Intuit gives QuickBooks ProAdvisors QuickBooks Online free, but very few QuickBooks ProAdvisors use QuickBooks Online for internal accounting or suggest it for clients. My South Florida QuickBooks Meetup co-organizer and I disagree about QuickBooks Online users. He says QuickBooks Online users are future QuickBooks desktop users. I say QuickBooks Online users are ignorant or masochists.

Now I see that Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes show that the QuickBooks Online Errors are far worse than regular QuickBooks Errors. Click these Google links for the latest QuickBooks Errors and QuickBooks Online Errors. There were 391,000 web pages with QuickBooks Errors vs 344,000 pages with QuickBooks Online Errors when I wrote this. There are around eight times as many QuickBooks users as QuickBooks Online users, so equivalent mistakes should show error rates should have shown only 48,875 errors in QuickBooks Online. There really should be far fewer QuickBooks Online errors, since a Google search for QuickBooks Errors (without quotes) should include all QuickBooks Online Errors. There also should be far less QuickBooks Online errors, due to the increased control Intuit has over the QuickBooks Online program and the equipment used to run it. Instead, QuickBooks Online has 600% more errors per user than QuickBooks desktop. 

It gets far worse if you compare the error rates of the Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes. Google “QuickBooks errors” hosting OR citrix OR “terminal server” QuickBooks hosting errors. Google had 1,120 web pages with these errors when I wrote this, vs 3,570,000 web pages for QuickBooks Citrix alone. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes become still worse when you see that Intuit only mentions Microsoft, in connection with its Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes documents. Intuit should have known that Google had only 97,500 links for quickbooks terminal server (Microsoft) and 545,000 for QuickBooks hosting. These Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes are very bad, as Intuit had to know that Citrix runs three to four times faster than Microsoft terminal server, using 73% less bandwidth (even though Microsoft copied terminal server from an early version of Citrix). The dramatic contrast between the number of Google links for QuickBooks Citrix and QuickBooks terminal server (or terminal services) fully confirms these Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes.

Other Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes involve Digital Insight, for which Intuit paid $1.35 billion in 2007. Digital Insight provides online banking accounting software that banks offer to customers. It is rapidly expanding, but Intuit has yet to teach QuickBooks ProAdvisors about this software. Intuit also has yet to teach QuickBooks ProAdvisors about Quicken Online and its recent fast-growing Mint acquisition.

All this means Intuit should be doing all it can to encourage desktop QuickBooks under Citrix. The Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes will instead kill 99% of QuickBooks hosting companies and favor terminal services over the clearly superior Citrix product. That is why even Microsoft now offers Citrix hosting. The $28 per user per month price for this is less than half the price charged by the three companies now offering terminal server Intuit QuickBooks hosting mistakes.

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