Intuit Pushes Deeper Into Cloud: Safest Place For Data

Cloud title comes from a popular ZDNet story

The safest place for data relates to a prior response from Mike Block CPA, a Fort Lauderdale CPA with a national QuickBooks reputation.

Intuit sells industry-leading QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax and Digital Insight (bank software) programs. The Intuit Pushes Deeper Into the Cloud (Software as a Service or SaaS) effort relates to the major recent Intuit cloud computing moves. Intuit Federated Applications can now let ANY web application use ANY programming language or database to automatically exchange data with four million QuickBooks users (25 million employees). Intuit may soon add 25+ million Quicken, TurboTax and other Intuit program users as Intuit Pushes Deeper Into the Cloud. Half the Fortune 100 largest companies already use its related web QuickBase database. Google, SalesForce, Amazon, and Microsoft are making similar efforts. Intuit is doing this despite foolish security scare stories since the QuickBooks SaaS online cloud is the safest place for data.

Intuit Pushes Deeper Into the Cloud

Intuit Pushes Deeper Into the Cloud by adding a new Proline web professional tax preparation program. QuickBooks has 95% of desktop small business accounting program sales at retail. Intuit keeps doing more in the medium business accounting program area and with QuickBooks online. QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks add-ons, and Intuit Federated Apps let hundreds of simultaneous users enter and use QuickBooks data. Paycycle and, recently bought by Intuit, are top online companies in their areas. There also are now 50,000 local QuickBooks ProAdvisors accountants and bookkeepers, so there is more trained QuickBooks help than there are paid users of another business accounting program.

Mike Block CPA has many years of computer management and security experience. He finds it very sad when he sees what he calls “sensationalized head-in-the sand prejudice” about privacy and reliability, as Intuit Pushes Deeper Into the Cloud in the safest place for data, online cloud computing. To Block, this is simply a case of relative risk. No one should consider any risk without evaluating alternatives to the safest place for data. These alternatives make it clear why Intuit online cloud is the safest place for data.

safest places for data

Many security experts feel personal computers are anything but the safest places for data. Fire, flood, user accidents or malicious acts, storms, thefts, electrical surges, hacking, equipment failure, viruses, malware and program failure (some due to insecure, incompatible and less tested programs) all affect personal computers. It is not news that the lack of adequate backup often destroys businesses. An expert guarantee for local computers says, “Computers will fail, often at the worst possible time, destroying all data not backed up.” Personal computers almost always lack the redundancy, virtual images and professional staffing that quickly fix program failures, program preferences and data in the safest place for data.

Block feels a simple relative risk analysis shows that cloud computing offers the safest place for data. Online systems often use better computers, facilities, power protection, and security. Online anti-virus, anti-spyware and backup programs are usually far better and run far more often. Online programs also tend to have more secure designs and run with policies that limit or prohibit many programs that might compromise security and reliability. The newer programs and services also are more likely to run in a connected or offline mode, with fast batch updates when reconnected. This especially applies to the Adobe Air programs, featured for Intuit Federated Applications, in the Intuit Pushes Deeper Into Cloud effort.

Intuit Pushes Deeper Into Cloud

Security professionals test and maintain cloud programs and systems. Offsite storage of extra backups is the rule, not the exception. 256 bit National Security Agency encryption may be more common among online QuickBooks remote hosting companies than it is for banks while local computer data is rarely protected by effective passwords or encryption. Small and medium business accounting program competitors also did not match Intuit’s near $2 billion Digital Insight bank program investment.

QuickBooks, QuickBooks add-ons, services, and Intuit Pushes Deeper Into Cloud efforts that extend its functions, can run much more securely and reliably if they are online under a QuickBooks Terminal Server (a Microsoft, Citrix or Linux server running QuickBooks and other programs in terminal server mode). They do so because they generally keep computer programs and data on the same computer. Extensive instructions and data do not clutter networks, as they do when local computers otherwise run programs with data on servers. With QuickBooks terminal server only keystrokes go to server computers, and little more than screen changes come back.

QuickBooks Terminal Server

Linux, PC and Mac users can all use a QuickBooks Terminal Server. This lets Linux users effectively run “QuickBooks on a Linux Desktop.” It avoids the need for expensive local systems, frequent updates and spending lots of time and money on spyware and virus checking. QuickBooks Terminal Servers also increasingly replicate equipment and services, to further increase reliability, with far more duplicate drives, power supplies, computers and utilities than most local computer users have. The online cloud will be even more reliable if users can quickly take a portable out of any area without utility service, especially if their programs and data are all online.

Finally, Intuit has long had a far better record on security than most banks and credit card companies.

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For the ultimate in cloud computing security and reliability, users can run QuickBooks and QuickBooks Add-ons on multi-location replicated or co-located QuickBooks Terminal Server sessions. These systems do not need computer expert users, as BlockTax QuickBooks personnel make them easy. We have long been using and hosting QuickBooks Terminal Server for as little as $29 per user per month, half the price some charge, with fast 24/7 supports. We also can support local or remote QuickBooks Terminal Servers with many QuickBooks Add-ons, Intuit Connected Services, and other programs, in the safest place for data.

Block feels that news stories only treat the few rare cloud system failures as newsworthy, as the media could never cover all of the daily local system, program and data failures. As Intuit Pushes Deeper Into Cloud, further improvements in design, replication, and execution should soon make effective failures almost non-existent in the safest place for data.

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