Intuit Payroll will Cost You Clients

I am happy to say that I have not been using Intuit Payroll for some time.

I am now switching t0 the next generation Xero Payroll as fast as possible. You can save 25 on Xero payroll and other charges if you simply click on You can save this 25% even if I am not your CPA, as long as you bill through me. I will even include a free 0CPAs Save and Reconcile All (OK) service, which you can use as often as nightly. However, Xero will only let you lock in a year of special discounted rates if you act by Monday, December 8, 2013.

The rest of this is s sad cry from an Intuit Payroll user.  is a Top Contributor to the Linkedin Intuit Accountants Group for Accounting and Tax Professionals. Here is what he posted FOUR DAYS AGO, showing that Intuit Payroll will cost you clients. 

Despite 14 supportive comments, Scott still says: 

Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants
will Cost Me Clients Today

Intuit Online Payroll has frozen my ability to process payroll. Last week my assistant’s paycheck had insufficient funds to cover her check because of a clerical error. The electric company got paid $6,000 instead of $600. The amount of her check was less than $200. Now the amount was redebited yesterday along with a $100 NSF fee. I am told my account is on a 5 day hold.. So I called up support and they need to get approval from the Risk Department. I have been waiting about 3 hours. I could see if it was a material amount but seriously $200 how much risk is there except for losing my business. Does anyone know someone with Intuit Online Payroll with sense?


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