Intuit Bans Top QuickBooks Beta Tester

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I was the top QuickBooks beta tester for two years and one of the top Intuit and QuickBooks beta testers for more than 10 years. Now Intuit bans the top QuickBooks beta tester. The screenshot and email, from my second straight Top QuickBooks Beta Tester win is below. The related QuickBooks documentation also gave me credit.

Mike Block CPA, World’s #1 Top BetaTester
Compared to other pre-release Beta Testers:
BlockTax compared to the #2 Top Tester:
– – – – – 

Dear Michael,

For your information you were the #1 TOP TESTER!!!

You achieved a total of 412 beta points for the … beta test making you the #1 QuickBooks Beta Tester!!! The second place tester achieved only 215 beta points for the … test.


Intuit Beta Dept.

– – – – – – – – – –

What would you do if you were the Top QuickBooks Beta Tester for the second straight time? What would you do if you could easily win five free copies of QuickBooks Premier, in an eight-week contest, by doing something you really enjoyed for less than two weeks (that was all it took me)?

Here is what I did. I visited Intuit at my expense, without contacting them ahead of time. I got a very friendly and extensive tour. Many knew me, as I already gave thousands of mainly pro-QuickBooks newsgroup answers. About 20 of us had lunch at a big round table. They all wanted to know my opinion of many Intuit plans. Many seemed to find this very valuable, which made it one of the best days of my life (comparable to my successfully arguing a tax-cut petition I wrote before the Florida Supreme Court [I am not an attorney]). 

One change I suggested was entirely contrary to my best interest. Public beta test contests are bad when someone like me is so good. That discourages other testers. Once I said this, Intuit dropped public beta tests. That is why no one ever again won a test like I did twice.

The next 11 years were exciting and rewarding. I love Intuit. During this time I loved Intuit because countless Intuit execs often showed that they really lived Intuit’s #1 Operating Value, “Integrity Without Compromise.” Despite three near-monopoly products, financial statements justified my repeatedly writing that they were not price gouging.

My unique insider relationship, with many top Intuit execs, often produced dramatic results. A top Cnet – InfoWorld writer said I was most responsible for a QuickBooks price cut. However, I was soon on the first QuickBooks Advisory Council. Former Intuit CEO Steve Bennett wrote, “Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.” He did so because my hell relates to rare Intuit mistakes. These hurt users so much that they began to hurt Intuit’s ability to help us in the future. Steve also did so because it was the ultimate expression of a company always “almost maniacal” in its search for user input.

Until recently, Intuit made few mistakes it did not quickly fix. Unfortunately, as the recent record Intuit outages (outrages) showed, there are now more and more Intuit mistakes. For example, Intuit is deliberately damaging the quality of QuickBooks third-party support (Intuit Wastes $1 Billion a Year for QuickBooks Users, Damages QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors), so it can make a few dollars. There is absolute proof of this damage. However, instead of fixing the problem, or even trying to justify its action, I will soon show that Intuit is deliberately making this and other problems much worse.

My speaking out, in an effort to help, was apparently the cause of Intuit Bans Top QuickBooks Beta Tester. My saying this is not paranoia.

Intuit did not explain why this happened or even notify me. This made me keep wasting time at the beta site. However, that is a far bigger tragedy for Intuit than me. It repeals, “Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.” It makes Intuit Integrity: The Big Lie. Equally sad, when Intuit bans its top beta tester, without notice or explanation, it shows there are some outright cowards at Intuit.


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