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I am very glad Charles commented on my Facebook post: Quicken Online Dies > MoneyStrands, NOT Intuit Mint.com. He asked, “Have you always been an Intuit hater or is this something relatively new?

That is an excellent question for everyone. Some hate minor Intuit program and tech support problems, before learning how good Intuit programs and people usually are. That is why I began my Facebook answer about like this:

Hi Charles: Thank you very much for this. I Love Intuit. I Hate Intuit Mistakes. I have been an Intuit lover almost since it began, 27 years ago. Top Intuit people also loved me. CEO Brad Smith wrote, “You’re fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic! Former CEO Steve Bennett wrote, “Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong.” http://www.QuickBooks-Blog.com/ posts still show I Love Intuit, but I hate Intuit mistakes. It will take a while to explain why my long-term unique relationship with our Intuit friends has been good for them and users like you, so I will continue this in my blog tomorrow.

“Tomorrow is now today. The “our Intuit friends” link has my first Brad email, which includes:

You have been quite open to taking the time to assist Intuit, are a tremendous voice of reason, and are one of our most impactful and innovative Professional Advisors.

Brad later said he read all of the many things I wrote to Intuit, since Steve told him to contact me before he even began work there. After his long call, Intuit had a top exec meeting about my How Should Intuit Change plan for customer feedback. Brad said Intuit founder Scott Cook wanted a system where Intuit could recognize those giving good feedback, even if changes came years later. Brad’s next long call included the manager in charge of creating the Accountant site, later duplicated for TurboTax.

For 11 years, many top Intuit execs quickly replied to my countless emails. Brad usually answered in minutes, apologizing if travel delayed him. This often included many email exchanges in a day, even on Sundays. Here is much more showing I love Intuit and Intuit loved me:

  • 10,000+ mainly pro-Intuit newsgroup, forum and blog posts
  • Many calls from top Intuit execs, often lasted 30 – 60+ minutes.
  • Four QuickBooks related websites
    • (plus a QuickBooks Accounting Software wiki and 450+ page book).
  • Successfully pushed QuickBooks Add-ons (now two million web links)
    • (created http://QuickBooks-Add-ons.com)
    • (largest list of QuickBooks Add-ons, up to 75,000 hits a day)
    • (corresponding Intuit site then had 25,000 hits a month)
  • The only two #1 beta (pre-release) contest wins
    • (had Intuit drop contests: my big wins discouraged others)
  • Many beta tests
    • (time worth many times the software value)
  • Three time QuickBooks Ask the Expert
  • QuickBooks and ProSeries (TurboTax) Advisory Councils
    • (pay about 15% of normal rate, counting travel)
  • Accounting Technology / WebCPA cover page article, from Intuit referral
  • Attributed copies of my web pages in Intuit QuickBooks Community Library
  • A year with the first outsider blog on Intuit’s website
  • Got a public fix for a bug in 5 days, the week before Christmas (for one QuickBooks payroll add-on, which competed with Intuit)
  • Got a free Quicken for a user who could not legally use it on home and portable systems (unlike QuickBooks)
  • Got many QuickBooks haters to say I love Intuit
  • Got one QuickBooks hater to invest all of his IRA in Intuit
  • Many Florida to California trips to Intuit at my expense
  • Co-founded and lead the oldest and largest QuickBooks Meetup
  • Successfully pushed tech-support backed user-to-user forums
    • (Live Community – faster better answers, 7% less staff)
    • (Minimize long tech support phone waits)
  • Sought out Intuit haters and made most Intuit lovers
    • (often got them help from top Intuit execs)
    • (one ex-Intuit hater said he was investing his entire IRA in Intuit)
  • A public program fix (not a data fix) in 5 days, the week before Christmas
  • A big hug from a top Intuit exec, countless expressions of admiration

The length of this list means it is probably missing more than it includes. Tomorrow I will write about why I hate Intuit Mistakes.


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