Get TurboTax Data Back, Get QuickBooks Online Data Back, Contact Intuit

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This excellent How to get TurboTax data back article and my post show you how to Get TurboTax Data Back, Get QuickBooks Online Data Back and even how to Contact Intuit.

Author Robert Mitchell found out that blogging about why he needed his TurboTax Online data back was how to Get TurboTax Data Back (repeated for search engines). Long time TurboTax VP Bob Meighan saw the Get TurboTax Data Back article and quickly got back the data. Bob said, “Personally I am strongly in favor of providing the data file when customers download the PDF. It’s just a matter of convincing everyone else.”

TurboTax Online should give you old source files for next year rollover of depreciation details, which are often in such files but not in tax returns. You also want this if you have original and amenddnext year rollovered returns, but the original is better for rollover. Besides, TurboTax desktop lets you do that. Not having  source files access in TurboTax Online shows that online and desktop products are offend very different.

Robert’s article reminded me that Get TurboTax Data Back was really a primer on Get QuickBooks Online Data Back and Contact Intuit. You may really need to know how to Get QuickBooks Online Data Back if you or a client discontinues QuickBooks Online for a while and later need QuickBooks data detail for bank, Internal Revenue or other purposes.

You may not succeed right away in your Get TurboTax Data Back, Get QuickBooks Online Data Back or other Contact Intuit efforts, but it often helps. Intuit may not always succeed in keeping customers happy, but it help to have that as one of its major goals.

You do not need a popular blog to do this. All you need is one barely hidden insider secret for your Contact Intuit efforts. The first part of the Contact Intuit secret is this an old Intuit Executives profile page. It showed who was in charge of everything. Now for the really simple Intuit secret to Get TurboTax Data Back, Get QuickBooks Online Data Back and other Contact Intuit efforts:

Intuit email addresses!

The Intuit email addresses are generally simple:

It also helps to associate some Intuit executives with related products, as I have. So good luck with your Get TurboTax Data Back, Get QuickBooks Online Data Back and other Contact Intuit efforts.

My Contact Intuit efforts began when I answered 7,000 mainly QuickBooks questions before Intuit had much of a web presence. The accelerated when I won two consecutive QuickBooks beta tests by wide margins. I needed Intuit help to answer some questions and to help those who did not get appropriate support from Intuit. That made me repeatedly email formet CEO Steve Bennet and many of his top assistants, including Brad Smith, Intuit CEO. This often resulted in very fast and helpful email exchanges.

I actually succeeded so that that Brad personally assigned me my own Intuit liaison in a long phone call, on learning that he was becoming Intuit CEO. This was two years after I told him to expect it.

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