Historic first vote on the FairTax, Kill IRS

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The House Ways and Means Committee, which writes our tax laws, should have a historic first vote on the FairTax in about 60 days.

The FairTax should soon let us kill the scandal ridden IRS. It replaces current income and payroll tax with a national sales tax. It produces the same revenue, but saves 50% of it in business and government administration, collection, compliance planning and misplanning costs. Savings relate to limited exemptions and having states collect the tax with their sales tax. Businesses and individuals will save on current excessive paperwork and not paying CPAs for complex tax returns (freeing us for productive work).

The Fair Tax protects the poor by giving us all rebates to the extent of the tax on poverty level income. There are no rebates for those not reporting income, so substantial current tax evasion should disappear. For more on this see the above Fair Tax link.

A growing army of special interest and big government lobbyists are trying to stop the FairTax vote. These lobbyists and special interests spend billions to make sure IRS works in their favor, not in your favor. The FairTax is the only threat to their existence, revolutionizing our system by having us all pay the same rate.

We want this fight. Please send the lobbyists and the IRS a message! The government may be shut down, but you can bet lobbyists are working.

I Please look at their FairTax website and consider a contribution. Then sign up for FairTax South Florida, so we can resume meetings.


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