Goat Mower QuickBooks Accounting

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Goat Mower QuickBooks Accounting

Here is a great example of Goat Mower QuickBooks Accounting, both before and after. For more on this see Gan Eden Farms. It is QuickBooks Accounting due to Amazing QuickBooks Endorsements from top Intuit – QuickBooks leaders. It is also QuickBooks  accounting due to the fast friendly bookkeeping from my daughter Amy Bergey, the QuickBooks guru.

Goats with high grass and weeds

Goat Mower QuickBooks Accounting

Goat Mower QuickBooks Accounting

After 2 weeks of Goat Mowing QuickBooks Accounting

Now you know why we need 61 acres for our 50+ quail, 40+ goats, 40+ Guinea fowl, 30+ chickens, 22 cows, 13 ducks, 5 geese, 4 pigs, 3 guardian dogs, 2 cows, 2 house dogs, 2 cats, many fish, peppers of several varieties (mainly ghost), trees, vegetables, flowers and much more.

Some people rent goats to avoid paying for lawn mowing. One goat provider was actually on Shark Tank for this. We are happy that Goat Mower QuickBooks Accounting, with moving goats, cows,  pigs and chickens lets them always have fresh pasture, with a minimum of hay and few cages. There is a good reason that this north Florida town is called Live Oak. The pigs especially like the acorns that the goats do not eat. The dogs chase away hawks that would otherwise take birds we want to keep. We get too many chicken and quail eggs to keep, so we sell than fresh and as kiche and breakfast casseroles. Some of the fish are here so goats and others can chase them and some are purely ornamental.

If you are in the area, please contact mblock@blocktax.com for free Goat Mower QuickBooks Accounting tours. This is great working farm for kids, though some animals are not for petting. We also will soon have Farm to Table dinners, prepared by two of the best chefs that I have ever known. My daughter and son-in-law make eating here a real pleasure. By the way. all this and much more is about 2 years old, so I never know when we will have

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