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I am glad to see  frequent GFI ads on my website and elsewhere. GFI QuickBooks support is one of “my secrets” for the best QuickBooks support. It and Dropbox make us far more efficient and client-friendly.

This GFI QuickBooks support also lets us comply with laws that now prohibit using email to exchange confidential information in financial (accounting, tax, insurance), medical, public company, government amd other areas. Here is why TeamViewer (TV) – GFI QuickBooks support is the best remote QuickBooks support.

I probably used 15+ remote support programs in 50 years. Today’s TV seems very comparable to the best of modern remote support programs, except for PRICE and extra GFI bundled features. That is why TV has more than 100 million users, including IBM, Microsoft and many dozens of other major companies.

TV is free for non-commercial use. Users start with a fast customizable install program, which we can email or embed in a web page. A few clicks give us very fast unattended remote control of client computers, unless they uninstall or turn off TV (it comes back on automatically after a reboot). TV does not seem to slow computers down at all when not in use, so few users ever remove it. You also do not have to exchange login information, unless you want to use it that way.

The TV central console means you do not have to remember many logins for many computers. We cannot imagine supporting 10+ users without this such a central console. For ONE tech, and 10 supported computers:

Logmein Pro is $449 + $299 for Central, or $748 per year.

Logmein Rescue is $1,188 a year.

GoToAssist Express is $690 a year.

Thanks to GFI, it does not matter that TeamViewer is $1,499 for LIFETIME use by one tech, with unlimited supported computers. This major investment would soon pay for itself, compared to the above annual amounts. However, that is where GFI comes in. It bundles a TV THREE-tech license, for unlimited supported computers, in its base price. GFI also helps you use up to a reported 15,000 remote monitoring rules. That means my office staff, my clients and my computer techs can get 24/7 notices of every type of potential or actual computer failure. This lets us fix many problems before clients even know about them. 

This GFI QuickBooks support, computer monitoring and computer support software costs only $180 a year RETAIL, for 10 computers ($18 for one computer), on a no-contract basis. This includes remote monitoring, automatic email and text message alerts and automatic updates of many programs, based on up to 15,000 rules. GFI users also can add a dizzying array of optional bundled GFI products, including antivirus, antispam, backup, fax servers, network monitors, web monitors and much more.

I cannot imagine competitors offering anything that might change our choice of GFI QuickBooks support. We used Keseya earlier, but it did not detect Raid drives so months of its backups were useless. Fortunately, we were still backing up nightly to alternating hard drives, outside of Keseya. We also set up QuickBooks for automatic backups, every time someone closes the file.

After months of use, we only know of a few insignificant GFI problems. There is no immediate GFI feedback when clients install it. There also is about a one hour delay between installing it and using a new remote computer. Finally, you should add TV to the Startup folder of client computers. However, we can easily overcome all these problems. 

 After monthsof in-office and remote staff testing, all my business clients are now getting GFI without charge (the cost is too low to bill). The install is very simple. I may soon post the install file on the web, to get new clients. Clients also get unlimited free QuickBooks web backups to 10 computers. So click here for the best QuickBooks support, remote computer monitoring and computer support, 24/7.


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