Georgia on my Mind – but not for LinkedIn and QuickBooks

Georgia was on my mind, but not for LinkedIn or QuickBooks.

After 44 happy years in one Fort Lauderdale house, my daughter and son-in-law got a farm near the great town of Live Oak, in north-central Florida, so we moved as well.

I wanted to add to my 5,000 (!) LinkedIn contacts. Georgia is the state next to our area in Florida, so it was added to a LinkedIn search and some there got asked to connect. Many did so. I always welcome new LinkedIn contacts, but this time I wanted to do more than say thank you for connecting.

We will be at the Atlanta Georgia Scaling New Heights QuickBooks and technology show (Tame the Machines) from 6/17 to 6/20/18. We will stop at the house of long-time Georgia friends on the way back, so I hoped to see my new LinkedIn contact during our trip. However, for the first time, Google Maps could not find a location, even after making sure it was correct.

I finally saw the problem. He was in the country of Georgia, near Ukraine, from which my grandparents came to the U.S. about 100 years ago. I also hired a programmer from there in 1999, n later sponsored his family here with an H1B visa. He was part of the September 2007 Accounting Technology “Secrets of Outsourcing” cover story about me. Therefore, my new LinkedIn friend and I had plenty to chat about.

I am always glad to connect internationally, but this search was for possible U.S. clients. My new search will have only specific Georgia U.S.A. cities.

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