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I once was #3 in U.S clients (Xero’s CEO linked to this blog & quickly replied to my emails), but soon wanted free Xero to QuickBooks Online conversions & free Xero to QuickBooks Desktop conversions.

Many Xero users want to return to QuickBooks because Xero often ignores or misrepresents when it will fix problems, even when users near unanimously want simple changes for four plus years. User feature request protests got so bad that Xero first hid these posts, so only the persistent saw them. It then removed post dates. Both acts caused further near unanimous protests.

All this led Many Xero users to contact me about moving to QuickBooks. Many more will soon need Xero to QuickBooks Online conversions & Xero to QuickBooks Desktop conversions (QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier & QuickBooks Enterprise), because the 3/31/17 Xero financials show it near bankrupt. It lost $307 million (all New Zealand dollars, $0.70 per U.S. dollar, counting $69 million last year), of $516 million invested. Losses would be $120 million more, for net equity of only $103 million, if Xero did not capitalize software development costs. Both Key Audit Matter comments concern that.

This is after Xero cut marketing from 85% of fiscal March 2014 revenue to 51%, development from 42% to 32% & general & administrative from 21% to 13%. Xero needs $69 million more cuts to break even, but more development, marketing & administration cuts should further increase customer dissatisfaction & cut GROSS SALES. The financials also tout Xero machine learning, when is so badly designed & misleading that I posted about four times & need more. For example, Xero claims 90% machine learning accuracy, without disclosing it was for an invoice-only trial. This needs very little generic machine learning & is a tiny part of full accounting machine learning. Brain dead Xero machine learning also makes advisors correct many of the same mistakes on each client. QuickBooks Online avoids this by letting us copy rules between clients or combine them in one Excel (to quickly fix mistakes, make generic rules & create sets to import into clients).

Here some very recent LinkedIn Xero Discussions (not from the Xero company forums):

Lack of response on Xero Community Page

I have noticed lately that there seems to be a general lack of response from Xero on the community site. Especially to feature requests.
For example, there is a discussion on the community page has been going on for 4 years with an increasing dissatisfaction from users. Some of these feature requests are basic fundamentals and are seemingly ignored. This particular feature request is for a credit limit to be applied to customers so that people can stop selling where a customer has gone over their terms. This is seemingly a simple request and fundamental for a lot of people – reading the community page people have had real cash flow issues without this feature. I do not know if this is a difficult thing for Xero to develop or not but the point is no one is responding to the community to give them an answer. The last response from Xero was about a credit check facility which missed the point entirely in my opinion. I am a big fan of Xero but when users are ignored and fobbed off with inadequate responses to genuine concerns it starts concerning me. This issue has been compounded by the removal of dates on the posts on the community which means its hard to judge how long a particular request has been live. Other topics I follow with no sight of a solution or a response are:Stripe as a bank account; Satisfactory BACS file output. I wondered what the users of this group felt about this?

Woah Xero Moderators telling off people – seriously. @Noel great response – 4 YEARS – WTAF While I use Xero I am with you, I can’t tell people to use it who are starting out – it doesn’t have credit control & other festures. I have to say the…


Heather McDonald It’s nice to know that they’re working on adding multiple addresses, but that feature is quite easy to work around, and unlikely to cost a business money. Unlike the credit limit feature which so many people have asked for & doesn’t even seem to be in their planning!

William Wood The party line is that there is a lot to do to get this feature to work but it seems to me that the focus is on releasing new shiny features rather than fixing some of the basic fundamentals. The other issue is Users are not being given any time frame for their feature requests. As far as Users are aware this feature could be in the pipeline or not who knows? If it is then what is the target date? Keeping Users in the dark is not what I expect from Xero as a company.

Emma Conway Ashley Driver is this something you could put to the #Xero team? I know a fair few of my clients would find this extremely useful
Ashley Driver Hey Emma – leave it with me, I’ll raise it up with the team and see if it’s on anybody’s radar.

William Wood – Please be assured that we do listen to feature requests and ultimately would love to get every single request in there. I’m concerned that you mentioned that you feel fobbed off and it’s certainly something that we don’t want. If we’re unable to deliver on something right now or it’s not on the immediate radar, we’ll always be as transparent as we can. I’ll check in with the Community Team to see if there are any updates they can give.

Barry Coles Why would Ashley be able to comment. I have asked my Account Manager for an audience with the Chief Executive. Ethos such as this usually comes from the top. If it doesn’t in this instance then he should become aware of what is happening and correct it. Answer to everything seems to be to bury the issue, e.g. remove dates from posts!


Gareth Stead Fully agree William Wood. Sometimes you wonder if it’s worth putting requests on there. Xero’s decision to remove date/time tags on them tells you something.

Whilst Xero is arguably the best software package out their for pure accounting, it does lack some key features which are critical for most businesses who wouldn’t typically need or can’t justify add-on software.

Unfortunately, unless you know about the link below, you could pay dearly to convert Xero open accounts receivable or accounts payable to QuickBooks Online (QBO). Using month end balances also loses prior comparisons. Fortunately, I have a great way to get free Xero to QuickBooks Online conversions and free Xero to QuickBooks Desktop conversions (QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise). Simply let Intuit convert Xero to QuickBooks Online FREE, with Make the switch to QuickBooks Online. You also can use this to convert any other accounting program or collection of financial records to QuickBooks Online.

Intuit will not convert other programs and data to QuickBooks Desktop, but converting QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop is rather easy conversion. We, and many other QuickBooks ProAdvisors, will gladly do it for you, though it is less than perfect unless you pay dearly. Many readers also may be able to do it as well as we can do it.

Please so not hesitate to comment on this or ask questions.

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