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Our free QuickBooks report groups are one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive way for you to save time, increase accuracy and better manage a business with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks report groups let you repeatedly get the same individual or GROUP of QuickBooks reports, without having to create each separate QuickBooks report each time. Such reports use settings like Last Year or This year to date, so you never change dates. You also use settings to avoid repeatedly setting cash or accrual basis, dropping pennies, not printing zero amounts, removing extra footer lines and much more. You can even select columns, such as Amount, instead of Debit, Credit and Balance. Each time you Modify a QuickBooks report you can Memorize to revise it or create a new memorized QuickBooks report.

I number my QuickBooks Report Groups to save time. You simply enter Reports, Process Multiple, one number and Display or Print.  This gives you a series of related reports. We use these free QuickBooks report groups to save time every day:




Report group 1 has a comparative balance sheet and income statement, for last year and the prior year. That means you do not have to change the date as the year changes.

There also is a separate reports group filtered for trust accounts only. I do not drill down in a QuickBooks report (to get many extra columns), when a memorized report can give me the amounts totaled by payee with only needed fields (this one is less important now that we have the Accountant Copy, Client Data Review, Reclassify Transactions). Other memorized reports cover comparative financials my quarters, months, etc. I number these report groups to separate them from the standard groups. They are very fast to use (Reports, Multiple, 1 [FS], Print or Display is enough to run the comparative financials.

The Accountant Copy makes it impossible to import or change reports. However, for $1 per month per client I have a three user GFI eqivalent of GoToMyPC or Logmein. The GFI central console is like the far more expensive GoToAssist. It lets my computer tech and staff remotely access our computers and client computers. This lets us quickly avoid Accountant Copy limits. GFI also generates email and SMS (cell) warnings of computer problems, which my techs often fix before clients know they have them.

QuickBooks has a terrible limit on exporting and importing memorized reports between clients. You cannot do this for a QuickBooks report that filters specific accounts. However, start with our 2 Accountant – Account Detail report. Then Modify Report and filter to the account you want to analyze. Next, copy and paste the account from the filter setting to the Display and the Report name. Finally, Memorize, select New report and save into your 2 Accountant folder. To analy



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