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Many programs and companies let you transfer QuickBooks files or use QuickBooks remotely. However, for most of us, the fastest and easiest Dropbox free QuickBooks hosting is the best way to transfer and have free QuickBooks hosting FOREVER.

Dropbox lets you create many links between folders on your local drive and the local drives of others. You simply send one Dropbox email to let each person (or group) permanently use a linked folder. The install is very simple, but it helps if you have an email template for this (see below).

Once installed, Dropbox quickly copies anything that you or associates put in a Dropbox folder. It also backs up files to its website, so you suddenly get 7 days (I believe) of secure delete protection. Please note that Dropbox is not for simultaneous file use. If you and your associate work on the same local Dropbox file at once, only the last changed file survives. Dropbox also is only free for the first 2g, but you increase this each time an invited user joins, Besides, extra storage is very inexpensive.

Dropbox cannot handle the record locking QuickBooks needs for simultaneous users. However, it automates personal home-office-portable free QuickBooks hosting. CPAs and remote users also can use email, phone or predefined schedules, to take turns with this free QuickBooks hosting. They may even copy a Dropbox free QuickBooks hosting file to a new folder until done, so one remote entry does not wipe out an accumulation of work. Our well-trained and very inexpensive Philippine QuickBooks assistants also can automate backing up the original free QuickBooks hosting file (to a backup folder, with a dated name), increasing safety and security. They can help at any hour, but are especially good from 9 PM to 9 AM Eastern time, when it is 9 AM to 9 AM for them. Of course, it helps that I tend to sleep only four hours at a time and stay in close touch with them.

Regardless of whether you use my assistants, this free QuickBooks hosting never waste your time agonizing over Accountant File Copy limits or transfer time. You also avoid remote access with GoToMyPC – Logmein or expensive QuickBooks hosting companies. Speed is the best thing about this free QuickBooks hosting. The only exception might be if your remote computer was MUCH faster than your local one, but even that depends on local web speed. This free QuickBooks hosting also means not worrying if you use one of the five expensive Intuit-licensed QuickBooks Commercial Hosting Companies, or one of the thousand inexpensive illegal ones. Of course, QuickBooks experts like us (who have been close friends with two Intuit CEOs), can deliver much better service, at much lower prices, when not wasting time with a QuickBooks Accountant Copy or other remote method.

For help with this Dropbox free QuickBooks hosting FOREVER, or our inexpensive QuickBooks assistants, click this QuickBooks Accounting Software link.



(email template for CPA client)

Hi there

Please click on the link you get with this email. The related Dropbox software is extremely easy to install and use. The Dropbox folder, on your computer, will have a subfolder with your name and mine. Either of us will then be able to copy a file to this folder (though we cannot move the folder to a network drive). Dropbox will quickly transfer these files to the other party, regardless of size.

Dropbox gives us both a quick backup on the other person’s computer. You may even keep QuickBooks data in shared Dropbox folders. This automatically and continuously backups your QuickBooks files. It also lets me make QuickBooks file changes without us both having to send QuickBooks files.

I will not make QuickBooks changes without telling you, as two people cannot work on QuickBooks Dropbox files at once. Please contact me with any questions.


              Mike Block QuickBooks CPA 954-903-7250 24/7             
                    Intuit pays me to make QuickBooks better!      


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