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This post duplicates my Free Florida College Tuition Insanity at

It also recreates my Free Florida College Tuition Insanity at
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Free Florida College Tuition Insanity is my latest example of out-of-the-box advanced financial planning. It can get any Florida resident free Florida state college tuition for their children.

Only Florida College Tuition Insanity would give us a state college trustee tuition increase of 7%, at the same time we got a legislative tuition increase of 8%. The 15% total increase sounds bad, but our last increase was in 1995.

I suddenly started laughing when talking about this with a client. He mentioned only having to pay tuition for two children, as he adopted the third. Despite being here for about 40 years, with two Florida state college grad children, I never knew there was free Florida college tuition for adopted children.

I laughed because I realized that our Free Florida College Tuition Insanity could get all Florida residents free Florida state college tuition. Here is my latest example of out-of-the-box advanced financial planning:

Let your relatives or friends adopt your children.

Adopt their children.

Free Florida College Tuition Insanity can then give all the children Free Florida College Tuition. Of course, the children you gave up should still be able to live with you, in exchange for having your relatives and friends agree to this for their children. This will not work if no one one wants the children, though we can all sometimes sympathize with that.

Free Florida College Tuition Insanity can go much further. It can be very lucrative if you add the refundable federal tax credit of up to $13,170 per adoption. You can get the same credits and scholarships regardless of the child’s age, so only adopt 17 year-olds to minimize work and get the best return on investment. Surrogate mothers give up babies and veterans buy homes for others. Therefore, you are sure to be able to find many who will help make you children eligible for Free Florida College Tuition Insanity. I might just be willing to help out with an adoption or two, so please contact us if you want to discuss this or other advanced financial planning, tax cutting or QuickBooks help.

70,000 pages of Internal Revenue laws, regulations and rulings, plus millions of pages of cases interpreting them, plus countless Florida laws and cases, guaranty that no out-of-the-box insanity is out of the question. After all, government shows it can screw up everything every day. I simply try to minimize damage to my clients.

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This post quickly went to Google #1 and #2 (out of a million links) for Free Florida College Tuition Insanity, which is a lot of insanity. It also went to Google #3 and #5 (out of 10 million links) for Free Florida College Tuition. Do Florida colleges teach Search Engine Optimization?

Finally, some (like Gabriel) did not realize I meant this as A JOKE! Even if a few parents would give up children, in sham adoptions, for free Florida college tuition, suggesting cross adoptions would lead to adoption, scholarship, IRS and mental health authority investigations. I was only pointing out the insanity of scholarships not based on academics or need.

If we did not give so many so-called free government benefits, without regard to need, we would have far more money for those really needing help.




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