Free CPA CPE, August 25, 7 PM, AuditMyBooks

On Thursday, August 25 at 7 PM, AuditMyBooks, a top AuditMyBooks exec will show you how AuditMyBooks scans QuickBooks for suspicious entries (errors or fraud), This affects clean up fee estimates, financial statements and tax returns. Also speaking will be Mike Block CPA and South Florida QuickBooks Co-founder. AuditMyBooks would have been a big help to him in the many cases where he found more than $1 billion in total fraud. We also will give away three free copies of the top-of-the-line AuditMyBooks Accountant Edition.

Instead of high prices for crowded remote seminars, you can get free CPA CPE for this local meeting of QuickBooks experts to novices. You can even have an inexpensive drink, snack or dinner, while getting this free CPA CPE. As usual, we will spend substantial time letting members introduce themselves and having our experts answer all your QuickBooks questions, while even our novices comment and improve answers. This too should give you free CPA CPE.

(Sorry for the repetition. It helps with Google.) 

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