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Mike Block CPA, Fort Lauderdale QuickBooks CPA, has the best international QuickBooks reputation.

QuickBooks users from everywhere contact us in Fort Lauderdale, for our economical QuickBooks CPA support. No Fort Lauderdale QuickBooks CPA has these credentials:

  • 17 years of the best QuickBooks support.
  • 11 years as a real Intuit (QuickBooks) insider.
  • Intuit’s CEO: You’re fantastic Mike. Absolutely fantastic!
  • Former Intuit CEO: Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong!
  • “… told by many Intuit executives … that you have been quite open to taking the time to assist Intuit, are a tremendous voice of reason and are one of our most impactful and innovative Professional Advisors.”
  • Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since inception (uncertified QuickBooks ProAdvisors simply pay Intuit for a title, wasting your money. Note: CPA tests ignore QuickBooks).
  • Got Certified ProAdvisor tests upgraded to CPA standards.
  • First Intuit QuickBooks blog by a non-Intuit employee.
  • Three time Intuit QuickBooks Ask the Expert, mainly on Speeding up QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks errors expert – On 7/28/11 Google had 272,000 links to web pages with QuickBooks errors and Mike Block CPA or BlockTax
  • Two Blocktax web pages copied to Intuit QuickBooks Community web library.
  • Charter member of Intuit QuickBooks and Tax Advisory Councils.
  • Got Intuit to go from being actively hostile to QuickBooks add-ons (a term I coined) to making it their #1 company goal. There are now nine million web links to QuickBooks add-ons. Some are sure to save you time and money, while increasing accuracy and stopping you from outgrowing QuickBooks.
  • Two Intuit websites created at my request.
  • Tech-support backed user-to-user forums, for faster and better answers, with 14% fewer total employees.
  • More than 10,000 mainly QuickBooks newsgroup and forum answers.
  • Accounting Technology Magazine cover story, reprinted and web posted by Accounting Today.
  • QuickBooks support 24/365, from the Fort Lauderdale area.
  • Co-organize South Florida QuickBooks Meetup, the oldest and second largest.
  • Florida State Board of Accountancy: The people of Florida owe you a debt of gratitude.
  • Former elected Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood – Broward County Port Commission (gave back salary).
  • Tax Cap petition leader (11 years) – changed the Florida Constitution, election laws and national petition practices.
  • Successfully argued tax limit petition before the Florida Supreme Court.
  • Led effort that got Senator Chiles to vote for the Balanced Budget Amendment. Chiles said, “Now get Block off my back,” but his vote almost passed this badly needed Amendment.

This is a partial list, so it is an understatement to say that no Fort Lauderdale QuickBooks CPA has these credentials. Please contact the best Fort Lauderdale QuickBooks CPA, for a free initial review.


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