Florida Unemployment Tax Insanity #9, Good News?

Few web pages had the term Florida Unemployment Tax Insanity when I began using it in September, 2009. Google now has 2.5 million such web pages.

Mark Twain said, “No man’s life, liberty or property is safe, while the Legislature is in session.” That is especially true in Florida, with the latest Florida Unemployment Tax Insanity. By April 2012, Florida employers had spent countless hours and dollars calculating wages based on an $8,500 per year unemployment maximum. We now have new retroactive rates, to January 1, based on an $8,000 maximum. The new rates will not prevent sharp increases in our federal unemployment taxes, plus extra interest on separate bills to every employer. That relates to the deficit in the Florida unemployment benefit account.

Many must now recalculate their accrued payroll tax and hope their payroll system is equal to the task. It will not be unless you AGAIN download new QuickBooks payroll tax tables, as part of your $200 to $349 manual QuickBooks annual subscription. Even then, you must hope QuickBooks can retroactively adjust your prior accrual. It seems unlikely that QuickBooks will do this automatically.

You also can end payroll problems forever, by automating the top-rated PayrollRelief program. Payroll once cost me $1,000+, per client per year, in billable time. I also often had missing return and other tax notices. Many related to Florida Unemployment Tax Insanity losses of repeatedly filed returns.

I am now sending one combined email, to my PayrollRelief CPA, for most of my clients. It tells him to pay fixed amounts, weekly or monthly, for many employees of many clients. In many cases, this will be for $8,000 a year ($888.89/month for 9 months). He will mark most payments as hand (non-existent) checks, so PayrollRelief only e-pays needed taxes. He also will automatically file related tax returns. This will cost clients only about $12 a month.

Please tell me why you want to waste time and pay much more, for a much less accurate and error prone (you, QuickBooks, Internal Revenue and state government) system. I will gladly print your comments, with credit if requested.

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