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Emailing payroll data let us do twice as many payroll tax returns in a day as we previously did in weeks. Emailing payroll data also let me finish a month early, pay a staff bonus, buy components for three fast new computers and arrive early to lead a South Florida QuickBooks Meetup, all in one day. This was a big relief after years of ending tax due dates at the post office, after the last pickup. Only by mailing certified, with a slow automated machine, did I get the dated receipt needed.

Few of our hundreds of clients believed it when told that my January 2011 payroll returns would be my last. However, using QuickBooks and filing manually had long led to far too much wasted time and tax notices. E-payments were far worse. I finally found a very fast, easy and inexpensive ($14/month) e-file and e-pay payroll service. This CPA service is far better than expensive ones. We share this top-rated secure web program with clients. However, we also enter data and give directions with an email or a phone call. One email, with a list of companies, employees, status, amounts and frequencies, can enter most payroll data for a YEAR. It also can say when net pay should be a loan. If we forget a bank account or state number, an email reminds us. It does not delay processing, even if they must do initial returns manually. Paychex, Intuit and ADP would never help like this.

One client misunderstood our March 2011 request. A junior person entered a few March 2010 check stubs, but a quick payroll register review showed we still needed March 2011. I had to ask repeatedly to overcome before the client believed I really wanted March 2011 data on March 31. My senior person also drafted one payroll return, because she did not believe we could be emailing payroll returns timely late in the day. Of course, we were only emailing payroll data, but doing that effectively finished the returns a month early.

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